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  1. hi glossywhite , can you add the gingerbread Orange rom please ?
  2. Solved ...with fastboot
  3. Delete this thread

  4. Unable to access to Recovery menu

    it"s all done ! Thanks ;) You can delete this thread .
  5. Unable to access to Recovery menu

    Thanks for you reply but i cant enter into the menu . I see only the droidboot logo ,and the loading bar freeze . No access to the restore option =/
  6. Hi , i can't access to the recovery menu . I use the method : volume up button + camera button . The Droidboot appears with a black line,the green load bar down move . It's like it frozen at this menu . Or is there a way to do a full wipe data from the Aio ?
  7. SIM lock status

    Welcome @ Orange !
  8. Happy Birthday Ricky! ok it's a little bit later =)
  9. SIM lock status

    In France ,before February 2012 ,there're only 3 providers : Orange / Sfr (vodafone) / Bouygues the price of mobile contract was per exemple 25£ = 1 or 2 hours + data 1go ) And in February come a new provider ,Free . This provider offer unlimited voice / sms /3g data for 17£ ( no error on price =) ) without contract Since this day ,the 3 big providers lost a lot of their customers and they use a bad politic to block them with some strategy You know why you "ll see some frenchies coming here to ask their unlock code and quit this provider ...
  10. SIM lock status

    Maybe because i've friends with this same phone ?! "Random codes will just lock up your phone" Not on simlock ,i've tried more 5 times with wrong code and it never lock . There's no counter on SP-Lock ;) Want to try bruteforce with an Atom ^^ ?
  11. you're right ,your "français " is terrible for an 14 years old guy ! terrible in french = awesome (very good ) @Druch , les versions Xolol et Orange sont multilanguages ;)
  12. SIM lock status

    Voilà ! Orange send me the right code today ! There was an error in the code (it's that when you use a a keyboard phone like a desktop keyboard ) So ,now ,i'll try to root it and sell it . Bye 0range and their smartphone ,it's the last deal i'll make with them in my life ! PS: i need all your unlock code to create a generator ,please send them in pm !
  13. Unable to install usb driver

    +1 technomole i think those drivers are for Moto Razr i