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  1. Why have I just discovered this Disclosure remix of Artful Dodger? I'm so slow, haha

  2. The all new version of MetaLab's task management app, Flow, is here! Spread the word to win a Macbook Air! http://t.co/ydJElQoGit #NewFlow

  3. Play store just suggested I buy a fun album. Don't want to be Google's friend anymore.

  4. If I'm honest, I'd be shitting myself if I was leaving school today

  5. The doctor pricked my finger to test for diabetes (for some reason) and I forgot I was 5 when I almost said "My finger has a heartbeat"

  6. Instagram + revision = everyone is martinthelegend http://t.co/2TgMjBRG

  7. East Kilbride, where stairs become waterfalls #rain http://t.co/BR4yoAgj

  8. Thank you so much for this Daz, best ROM for G300 by far, been using it for a couple of days and it's insanely fast :D
  9. Android 4.2 rom for my phone :D

  10. “Beyond the Shadows” by KOAN Sound x Gemini x Culprate x Asa is my new jam. ♫ http://t.co/SpISeTrX

  11. Trust me to mess up putting on a screen protector and leave my iPod with acne http://t.co/L9QsV8qi

  12. “Max Out” by Koan Sound is my new jam. ♫ http://t.co/oxzuBSVY

  13. Are we able to flash your CM9 rom over CM10 R2 as we would an update to downgrade to ICS?