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  1. Hi guys, So still love FnC 7. A couple of niggles I have: 1) Buttons (radio buttons) are hard to see. Is there some way of changing the theme? 2) I have an application (from another developer) that keeps an eye on the SMS inbox and looks for certain messages from another mobile. Not sure what is happening but since changed to FnC, the app does not pick up on those messages anymore. Format is the same. Works of installed to stock rom android. Just wondering if the FnC is slightly different to stock Android INBOX accessing standard? Or could it be now having the root access in some way? (25sep2012 Update - turns out it is Pansi SMS causes this problem and likewise Go SMS PRO. Those apps seem to take over total control of the inbox so that other apps cannot access it. Removed Pansi and other app works.) Would love to see FnC 8 soon. I live in hope... Well done so far lads. K
  2. Is it the FNC build that make some of the buttons so difficult to see? I have a dark dot inside a black circle with white edge for some apps and I am sure it was not like that with the stock ROM. Has anyone noticed it?
  3. Hi Guys, Still love the FnC on my TMV (Tmobile vivacity) but need to revert to stock kernel and ROM to unlock phone (then back to FnC afterwards). I am having trouble finding a download that still works. Could anyone point me to one please. Also I would like to clarify if a stock ROM includes the kernel. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi Guys, I am after a stock Kernel & ROM for Vivacity. Would the above TPT's provide both or just the ROM ? (I have loaded fish n chips to a locked phone and now need to revert to stock build to run an unlock) Thanks for your help in advance.
  5. ADB commands to remove Music2.apk & replace with Music.apk from FNC rls 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am a newbie to all of this. Totally love Fish'n'Chips but the bluetooth in release 7 was an issue. Using T-mobile Vivacity (TMV). As Raverrr says in post#1 here (for release 7), "Bluetooth may not work correctly for some users. Replacing the music app with the stock one in the ROM zip before re-flashing will fix this. Or you can push it with adb." I could not find a step by step guide on how to do this so I worked it out and posted the result here. Sorry if I have used some wrong terminology below but it worked for me. I am sure I will be corrected if I have made any errors :-) Principle is to remove Music2.apk in FNC relase 7 and replace it with Music.apk from release 6. (RLS6 is from the first page on this thread) I used the application adb to remove/install the files. (you can look up general adb instructions on youtube) I think you can also replace Music2.apk it in the .zip before flashing but I could not get that working. Would be nice to know how to do that if someone could tell me. Installed adb (android debug bridge) from the 'preparation files' directory from http://www.getandroi...acity-for-free/ I am sure you can grab adb from elsewhere but I trusted this source. List of commands(in this order) / Explanation/ screen response (once adb installed on pc & you have command prompt up) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- adb devices this will confirm if adb is running correctly. Will show following if ok: List of devices attached P736V-FFR adb remount gets the directory in correct condition for writing to. Will respond if OK with: Remount successful adb shell pm list packages -f Lists all apps (.apk's) you have installed on phone. Shows a big list, page though this. Do this to confirm Music2.apk is there initially and gone after 'removal' adb shell rm /system/app/Music2.apk The remove part. Be careful ! Please note: does not confirm when done. Just gives you a prompt. adb shell pm list packages -f Lists the installed apk's again- Confirm Music2.apk has gone adb push ./"Music.apk" /system/app Based on Music.apk being in the same directory as you are running these adb commands from. If done shows something like: 1235KBs (0 bytes in 869859.000s) adb shell pm list packages -f Confirm Music.apk is installed ! Exit Type this to finish. All done. Bluetooth should now work.
  6. Unlock_VIVACITY.zip

    Has anyone used the unlock.zip posted recently and confirmed it worked ? Do you just copy it to the SD and reboot into CWM ? Do I need any other files? Does it need to be renamed as update.zip ?
  7. Hi Guys, When I try and download Bouncer5 files from multiupload.co.uk, it trys to download some app called 'ilivid'???? Are the old file links dead? Do I require ilivid ? On the depositfiles.com site, after the countdown, I get the mesage: "This file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has been removed due to infringement of copyright. " Am I doing something wrong here?
  8. Hi Guys, After buying a t-mobile vivavcity on ebay I used this method (...v1c.zip) installed fish'n'chips rom afterwards. I mistakenly thought the TPT would unlock the phone in the process. Do you think if i try and unlock it now will it brick it ?
  9. Hi Guys, Just wondering if this is still a good rooting method for the Vivacity. Just a bit worried there has been no chatter for a while. Thanks.