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  1. Ciao ragazzi potete dirmi se in questa rom c'è quel fastidioso bug che fa laggare il sistema non appena si scatta una foto o si vede un video? State riscontrando questo problema come descritto dall'utente qui ? Hi guys! Could you tell me if this rom has that annoying bug which makes the phone laggy as soon as you see a video or use camera? Are you facing this problem as described here?
  2. Cool! We all hope that you give us this gift! Thank you man and good luck with your work! :)
  3. Concordo. Se questo tuo amico riesce a dimostrare di saper fare il porting completo sul nostro device non solo sarei felice di partecipare alla colletta, ma gli faccio pure una statua!!! :D I agree. If your friend is able to do the complete porting I'm not only happy to join the collection, but I'll dedicate him a statue too!!! :D
  4. Ok, thank you very much drmad for your amazing work :)
  5. Oh well I think that, apart the launcher which is a personal choice, currently it doesn't come to my mind anything because this rom is great as is ;) I'd have just a question: since this rom is a cm nightly build, are there any differences between this and the cm 7.29 davidevinavil version? I mean about the stability, possible bugs, etc. Or, even though it's a nightly build, it is stable in any case?
  6. I advice you to flash the cm7 (or a based rom) and you won't have this issue anymore ;)
  7. This rom is really great, I like it a lot ;) The only thing that I changed is the launcher.. "tt launcher", as well as "holo launcher", is beautiful but still laggy in our device, so I replaced it with the latest version of ADW Launcher Ex which is very smooth and fast, at least for me. I can't wait for the next version. Will it be a stable version (I mean no nightly build)? Many thanks for your work :)
  8. Well, if you don't want to void the warranty don't do anything which does not come from Acer (such as custom recovery, root, cooked rom, etc.). But you can install the latest official rom of Acer Liquid Mt (gingerbread) here . Since actually you have a previous version of Gingerbread there's no need to use ADT, just download the zip file that I linked, extract it, click on setup.exe and follow the instructions. That's all ;)
  9. It depends, be sure that the recovery supports your device (Acer Liquid Mt in this case). To flash with ADT first of all go in "USB AMSS Download Mode" with this combo: UP vol + camera + power. Then connect the usb cable to computer, open "acer download tool" software, click on "start" and follow what it says...
  10. Yes, you can. About the recovery I advice you to flash this CWM recovery touch that I uploaded here ;)
  11. Well, as far as I know the scrolling cache has been disabled in Cyanogenmod 10 when long flings are made. Take a look here ;) Yeah, I totally agree, the hardware acceleration is a manna from heaven! :) P.S: I'm running cyanogenmod 7 too and it is simply great! Thank you very much Lens Flare and davidevinavil for your work! :)
  12. Download here ;)

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