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  1. That's a though break. I have used this patch on at least four different phones over the last year and spent about a month of my free time doing so! Imagine my surprise when (a) finding the GW app on my new Nexus 4 on boot up and (B) it worked out of the box! What will I do with my spare time now?
  2. Assuming you are in the UK as the US Nexus 4 I have has GW as a stock APK out of the box.
  3. No luck on the LG Optimus G (LG E-970 on AT&T) The permissions keep changing each time I reboot and the apk does not show up in Tittainium or the tray. I'm sure that running on ICS 4.0.4 is not helping. I was hoping that being a Nexus 4 in sheep's clothing it might have given me a glimps of working but not a hint. Any thoughts. Otherwise a very sharp phone for $99 at Best Buy!
  4. Backup power feed in the bathroom window. I'm ready Sandy http://t.co/d3F7U0nw

  5. rw-r--r-- Make sure to wipe dalvik cache too
  6. Working for me on CM10 Nightly 11-20-12. In the GW settings Reset Google Wallet and then Mod the build.prop ro.product.model=Galaxy Nexus ro.product.name=yakju ro.product.device=maguro wipe dalvik cache UPDATE: after updating to CM10 Nightly 11-22-12 I started getting the Unfortunately Wallet has stopped during boot and when I tried to start the application. I then restored a number of previous roms that GW worked on and keep getting the same error. Did full wipe and resets when flashing. I have no clue what happened. UPDATE II: Figured it out - The GW apk got renamed being appended with "- copy" Everything is working fine with CM10 Nightly 11-23-12
  7. I don't know about 3rd times a charm! Got GW running on my GNEX, Galaxy SIII (At&t) & Nexus 7. Just tried all the tricks I learned on my Galaxy Note II (At&T) and got as far as signing in to get the no secure element warning. Anyone else having any luck with the SGH I317?
  8. ogdobber you are bang on my man! Works like a charm. Thanks again for your help.
  9. AT&T 4G LTE Available in Bridgeport | AT&T http://t.co/rAyzX6jC via @sharethis

  10. Just installed CM10 Jelly Bean rom (nightly build) I got GW installed and did the edit to the build.prop no problem but got stuck on activation. I replaced the NFC libs but now the NFC option is not in settings! This happened before in ICS but I can't remember how I fixed it! If only we could be paid a $1 per hour we spend on this...
  11. Ya hang on for the next patch. As it turned out I did have to edit the prop.build to ad the card.
  12. Paul's latest patch does not require you to change the prop.build so I get the message from Market that the Phone is not compatible. This get around the auto update issue for sure. To bad i'm stuck on adding account.
  13. Without editing the prop.build file the phone is stuck on Adding your account... When the screen times out and I wake it the Adding your account is back to Get Started. UPDATE: Just ran a logcat and it's reporting Secure Elements 0. I have not had this issue in the longest time. Is it time to find the Sprint NFC libs? -- UPDATE: Confirmed that the NFC libs were needed in the rom I just started using. Also confirmed thanks to Pauls 3 way patch I did NOT have to edit the prop.build file at all. Nice. Oh HOLD ON - I just got an error/timeout adding the pre pay. I might have to edit the prop.build after all. Report back in a while. UPDATE: I did have to edit the prop.build to get the card to load. I just tried to us my GW at a store and nothing happend at all. I had GW open held back of phone against paypass terminal and nothing. The little vibe and tone did not do it's thing. The balance updated and the account number was there. ???
  14. What's for dinner!. Lamb Curry: http://t.co/rLzL2eRn

  15. I got my Nexus 7 from the PlayStore. Very nice for $200. I rooted and fired up the stock GW and there was my $10 waiting for me. If you thought I got some odd looks swiping my GS3 and my Nexus at the check out at CVS you should have seen the looks I got waving the Nexus 7 across the reader! But it worked.

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