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  1. All I can make out of this is "Insert sim in your device" :P
  2. Just now upgraded to the latest build of this rom, and it's working GREAT with CronMod-INT2EXT+ :D Thanx a lot KonstaT for your hard work. Really appreciate it :)
  3. Use CronMod-INT2EXT+ It works great with this rom :) Check it out... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1716124 Enjoy!!! :)
  4. Wow, pretty neat. Gotta try that. Thanx :D
  5. Well, the timing is most probably gonna be when the phone receives the message from your service provider and not when the service provider received the message that needed to be forwarded to you. I don't think what you're saing is possible until and unless there was some way of the phone communicating with the service provider or if the service provider itself had this kind of facility. Next time, if this happens to me, I'll surely let you know what timing it shows in my phone, although my phone is hardly ever off :)
  6. USB is working fine here :) No issues with this build :) Use CronMod-INT2EXT+ It works great with this rom :)
  7. I can confirm CronMod-INT2EXT works great :D Just now did a full wipe and upgraded from Daemond's rom to this one (latest 19.4.2013 build) and INT2EXT+ is working fantastic :D No issues whatsoever :)
  8. Hi, Thanx for the link. So I should remove my MicroSD card and connect it to the computer using a card reader and use the above software to partition it to ext4, right ?
  9. Are you talking about the modified version posted on the second page of this thread ? If yes, then I've already tried this on the third last release of this rom, and after close to 250 mb of installation of apps, it started giving me "insufficient space" errors. What became worse was that the already installed apps, even after downloading the update, would not upgrade to the latest version and would show up "insufficient space" error :( I would urge you to help me out with this. Can you upload YOUR OWN TESTED VERSION that you use and provide me the link :) I would love to give it another shot :) Thank you SO MUCH for the help :) Thanx a lot for the link Loki. By the way, I have 1 Gb partition and now am thinking of expanding it to 1.5 since you've tested it to work properly. Also, can you tell me where can I get this "mini tool partition" and how to use it ? I formatted my SD card in ext4 using the ClockWorkRecovery.
  10. Hey guys, the only thing stopping me from upgrading to this awesome rom from 4.1 (Daemond's) is the nonfunctionality of S2E. Do we have any alternatives to S2E ? Thanx a lot in advance for any help with this :)
  11. I took a few pictures today in the morning and checked them in the gallery. Rechecked it again while replying to this post and no crash whatsoever :)
  12. Thanx for the info and THANK YOU SO MUCH for such an awesome ROM :D Really appreciate the effort dude :) Edit: By the way, another stupid/simple/noob question I have, do we need RAM Manager Pro? I mean is it really necessary ? Do you think it'll make any difference gaming wise ? Also, is there a need to set VM Heap size to 32 or 36 or 128 or 256 even ?
  13. Hey guys, Am shifting from KonstaT's 4.2.2 (CM 10.1) to this and the major problem I have with that ROM (4.2.2) is that even after having installed the modified S2E (from KonstaT's thread), when I try to upgrade the apps, it gives me an "Out of Memory" error, so I've decided to format everything, wipe it clean, and install this rom anew. Now, I wanna know, should I use the same S2E ? or do you guys have a different S2E for this ROM ? I would REALLY appreciate it if you guys can link me to a proper working version of S2E that works PERFECTLY with this ROM :) Thanx a lot in advance. Desperately waiting for a reply :)
  14. Thanx a lot for 4.2.2. Works great. No problems or errors whatsoever :)
  15. Oh this would be FANTASTIC!!! :D Please Konstat :D