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  1. Cannot Root Phone.

    Try SuperOneClick 1.7 with RageAgainstTheCage for L3
  2. LG E400 rooting, same method as LG Spectrum

    Recently received a call from the warranty and I have a problem with the root. Versions of this mobile phone are E400f
  3. LG E400 stock roms

    http://lg-phone-firmware.com/index.php?id_mod=11 here you have all firmware
  4. Help, brick?

    The same. Here vid with it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGyg8Jqe45o&feature=youtu.be (low quality)
  5. Help, brick?

    So when you change the firmware on which I could not do root (V10m) I wanted to upload the old (V10F). All good, but the program ended, etc phone started to constantly reset (white screen and reset), and so on. The recovery did not go in because I do not have it, so I should do a hard reset, but that did not happen. I tried to upload the recovery by adb but it does not detect the phone ... Please help, I received a call today from a guarantee (CM9 fell) so I did not want to give it back. using translator
  6. LG Optimus L3 Overclocked 1Ghz

    Anyone can add overlooking near 1.2 Ghz?
  7. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    In the cm9 work swap?
  8. Help, please somebody help me

    My problem is that my L3 with the vibration I have (I have CM9 Xtreme V4). I do not have the vibration such as gg, and when receiving text messages. Vibrate the phone works (ściaglem applications "vibrator" from market and there work xd). I would add the recently installed this rom doing full data wipe. Help someone? Translator.
  9. Antutu benchmark

    Hi, including ranking in antutu interesting thing I noticed LG E400 with Android 4.2.1. And now I have a question if anyone is currently testing whether a mistake. I used a translator
  10. LG E400 kernel source

    when overclocking will be active?
  11. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

  12. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Yes i know. i must install flash. But it dont work on this rom.
  13. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Why on this rom dont work adobe flash?
  14. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    When overclocking will work?
  15. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Ok, i format sdcard with recovery and its work, recovery work to, but i find new bug with superuser