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  1. I have been a lot busy lately, either way, I will try today to start the upload to dropbox.
  2. Anyway to use the phone's mic with the headset on?
  3. I have the cwm backup, with all the voda PT apps, but still didn't upload. It's 1,1 GB zipped.
  4. Since my headphones don't have mic, is it possible to make or answer a call, with the headphones plugged in and using the phones mic? Is a bit annoying having to remove the headphones to answer a call.
  5. here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/vp3k5dtebadzpq7/vodafonePT.b960.zip
  6. yes, I were with b936, good and loud enough just like b936.
  7. sry guys but this is going to be long, slow upload speeds.. and my internet connection today is getting random drops.
  8. 1 gb of that 1,6 gb backup is of the file .android_secure.img I'm uploading system.img and boot.img inside a zip to dropbox aprox ~245 mb
  9. maybe because of vodafone crap apps?
  10. Just made the nandroid backup but its 1,6 gb. should I zip it and upload to dropbox?
  11. yes I have successfully unlock it now to install cwm on win8..
  12. dumping the system image is making a nandroid backup?
  13. Hi, I just picked up my phone from warranty It came with the firmware version b960, is this a new firmware?
  14. Hi, I need to take my phone to warranty. I have restored my original vodafone firmware nandroid backup. Now I need to put the original recovery and unroot. Can anyone please share the original ICS recovery?