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  1. Figured it out. I was doing a flash, then the gapps (right version) cache wipe, then dalvik cache wipe then reboot, crash. I wasn't doing the 'factory reset' seems the 4.3 version of the userdata/config was preventing 4.2.2 from booting.
  2. Figured it out. I was doing a flash, then the gapps (right version) cache wipe, then dalvik cache wipe then reboot, crash. I wasn't doing the 'factory reset' seems the 4.3 version of the userdata/config was preventing 4.2.2 from booting.
  3. Currently I have a working (custom) JB install, but when I flash any ICS roms I get stuck on the boot screen - what causes this? I shouldn't have to go back to stock to go from 4.3 to 4.2.2 should I?
  4. I've been trying to flash cm-10.1-20131004-NIGHTLY-u8815.zip over the top of a working install of cm-10.2-20131007-NIGHTLY-u8815.zip and i keep getting stuck on the Cyanogenmod boot screen. Is there something else I need to be doing in order to downgrade from 4.3 to 4.2.2? Also, if it's relevant Im using baseband 2030 edit: just flashed Slim-u8815-4.2.2.build.8-UNOFFICIAL-20130804-1311.zip and had the same result, so i'm pretty sure it's to do with going backward from 4.3 i'm just not able to find the info on what needs to be done to be successful in downgrading.
  5. might be worth mentioning on the first post that this can just be flashed within an existing version of CWM (ie. the common because a few people seem to be asking.
  6. Actually I think i just figured out the way I got onto ICS was with a file Android 4.0,V100R001C17B926 so I've just grabbed the stock B926 and I'm flashing that.
  7. Honestly I have no idea, it was so long ago. How would I figure that out?
  8. As an experiment I've flashed the 940 stock RIL from here over CM10 to see if it would resolve the one remaining issue I'm having. Problem is that moving out of a wifi area the 3G / mobile data does not auto-connect (have to toggle flight mode to reconnect) It didn't resolve the issue unfortunately. Is this something that can be fixed with an update to CM10 for the G300 or is it an issue with all variants of CM10?
  9. I'm getting a 403 on both the 937 and 940 links. Any mirrors? edit: nevermind, got it working from a different IP
  10. Very good rom, a solid performance improvement over anything else I've put on my G300 - Unfortunatly I'm still experiencing the same issue when leaving a Wi-Fi coverage area, that the Mobile data connection doesn't resume as normal. I'm now considering looking at flashing a stock RIL to see if this resolves the issue.
  11. I assumed as much but hadn't had time to wade through the 30+ pages of posts and didn't see it on the list of R2 fixes or anywhere on the initial post under 'known issues' *hint hint*
  12. Anyone else getting just random freezes? I haven't updated to R2 yet so I can't say it this helps, CM9 was ok. Just seems like the touchscreen doesn't accept input until i use a 'hard key' like home to leave and come back to the app.
  13. I found the opposite to be true so far
  14. I've been using R5 (CM version 9-20121201-EXPERIMENTAL-u8815-R5) for a couple weeks now, I have the following issues: 3G data will remain disabled when leaving a wifi-hotspot (fix is to toggle data or air mode) Voice is distorted and over-amplified when talking on the phone (about 7 in 10 calls will have this issue) SMS stick in 'sending' status and send multiple times to the recipient occasional random reboots (once every ~48 hours) battery draining too fast, approx 3% to load a single webpage (~20 seconds) in some instances, usually 80% used in 10 hours, light to no use. These all seem to be radio interface issues. I think there is some major problems with the interface layer on this ROM I'm on Vodafone AU and I've done a clean install with cache/user data wiped, and had flashed over the top of an Infusion rom (which had none of these issues listed) Has anyone else had these problems? This phone is showing as a U8815-51 under the the battery, and came with a vodaAU stock rom
  15. I'm still having RIL issues with R5, a random reboot once a day, 3G drops occasionally and never picks up when I leave a Wifi area. I wonder if i should look at re-flashing the RIL - Is this contained in the original rom package (ie. will re-flashing the whole rom do this?) I've only managed to find the stock rom RIL (ie B926 etc.) and I assume CM9 uses it's own RIL but I could be wrong.

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