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    Fantastic T3 with ZTE Skate
  1. I've got trouble after flashing this rom into my T3. Almost everytime after I settled up the positions of widgets on my screen and reboot, and everything returned to the default setting, and my menu button would not functioning until I reflash the ROM. What's the issue? Anyone and help ? It really irritates me... :wacko: By the way, I've installed "Mounts2SD" APP's script and "S2E" APP to enable a2sd function
  2. Until now I found one problem when trying the CM9 ZTE Skate ROM. The problem is some wallpapers , especilly animated ones, always returned to the default one after each reboot, others is okay but have serious lagging in the latest version, hope to fix these problems soon. :)
  3. After trying C3C0's latest build, I found some problems when trying some functions which returned to the default one after each reboot. One is live wallpapers, and another is the keyboard input, others is okay, but ran a little lag in my fantastic t3. hope to fix them soon, and thanks for the developing !