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  1. Well, I found the official Quickmemo apk from the LG Optimus 2x and installing it didn't work, also, to put it in system/app directly didn't work either, it showed the initial tutorial but crashed right after opening it. I found a Quickmemo app in Google Play, it's almost the same, but the persistent notification in the notification bar is quite annoying since it take a lot of space, but as a workaround is good. If anyone knows of this app has been ported, please share the news, thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has tried porting LG's Quickmemo feature to the Huawei Ascend G300. I find that feature very useful, and since Android is an opened OS, I thought it might be possible to port that app. Thanks in advance for your responses, have a good day!
  3. frikou

    [ROM] [ AtomicMod ] [UPDATED 22/06/12]

    The Sim Contacts are always visible, they can't be be hidden so after syncing theyre might be duplicated contacts, it depends if the person has Sim contacts of not.
  4. frikou

    [ROM] [ AtomicMod ] [UPDATED 22/06/12]

    I've been using this Rom since today and I looks pretty nice. Is there any way to get back to the LG Stock Camera App or the Stock GB one? Other than that and the Contacts bug it looks superb. Congratulations Tillaz. btw, you may wanna consider posting it on XDA, 'cause I believe this Rom doesn't get the attention it should get, here in Modaco