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  1. Google I/O 2016 will be on May 18-20th, here's what to expect

    I would have said that all I really need to have when it comes to these new technologies is self driving cars, but VR is so damn impressive so far. But still, self driving cars...
  2. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    That's useful bit of info, thanks.
  3. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    Here is my hosts file with aggressive add blocking. Make sure you have the webserver running. hosts
  4. The one I linked was Portugal version. I linked it because I tested on it. I recommend removed Vodafone bloat.
  5. [Recovery] TWRP 3.0.2-0

    Thanks for the clear info. I am Czech, too. Is there any reason to use Czech ROM instead of UK if I'll use English(UK) language anyway?
  6. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    I will look into that. It would be awesome solution, as only thing I need to modify in system is hosts. And if I ever need to modify anything again I could use the same process. Thanks for your help. Sorry for stupid questions.
  7. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    Can I replace my hosts file with one created/modified on different device, and if I can, how to do it in TWRP?
  8. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    Thanks a lot.
  9. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    What a smart and creative solution! Thanks a lot for all your work and effort. I will post my results. Is it literary switching boot and recovery? If I understand correctly I can flash those zips (using terminal or some flash/zip manager) then boot up with power+vol.up like recovery and it will boot with ability to mount system R/W. I can domodificationsthen. Do I need to flash it back to normal (which will cause my system to be R/O again right? But the modifications stay) or can I have the phone with switched boot and recovery? I don't care if I have to boot up with power+vol.up. Once again, thanks!
  10. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    Please can youexplain?
  11. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    Is it possible to make a flashable ROM with system already mounter as R/W? It's just a bunch of numbers changed. Is this possible?
  12. What are the barriers to a CM 12.1 build?

    This is so great. Thanks for you effort!
  13. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    I did that, except for the mobilego step. It's redundant, TWRP asks you whether you want to install SU after you flash a rom. System is still R/O and stays R/O.
  14. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    Is there any way around? Lets say I need to change my hosts file. Can I put my own hosts file overthedefault one and overwrite it from TWRP? Ifso, how? (Can I generate hosts file with AdAway on different device and use that one?)
  15. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    That doesn't do anything. The system is still R/O. Please help.

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