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  1. How's the in call volume? Too high?
  2. I don't know, but i think not cause you don't have that option on swapper config.
  3. Well, you can find swapper here There you have some info about it. You just need to click on activate and choose the file dimension, it will create a swap file in your SD card. It's better to choose 200mb or max 250mb..
  4. I don't have that lag. I'm using this clock sets: Max: 1008mhz Min: 480mhz Governor: SmartassV2 I/O: CFQ Also, i'm using swapper to have 250mb swap and also the app greenify to take out facebook. I have also autostarts to prevent the auto triggers from many many apps i have. So..with this i have ~100mb free of ram.
  5. Just one question, you recommend full wipe comming from 6.5 to 6.6? Or is not needed?
  6. I'll give a shot this night! Thanks in advance
  7. I've installed the swapper app and made a 200mb swap. It doesn't appear in the ram usage but if you have the terminal emulator app, type free and you'll see the swap part, now the phone is a bit quicker :)
  8. Happened first time, then i made a Factory restore and did it again, everything worked ;)
  9. Loving the battery, like ICS! Right now, with using like ics...1 day 2h and have 59% left of battery :D Really nice job man!
  10. But this themes is like the CM Themes? Or just like the launcher themes?
  11. In other way, i like this rom and for me it's the first rom after ICS that we can use for daily and has some features and battery life. Btw, i saw in the rom that it has an option "themes", but wich themes can we use? Thanks :D
  12. You mean when you receive an sms or something like that?
  13. Tried this rom and it's everything working like a charm! Battery is fine..almost like ICS. Nice job!
  14. Roms that don't drain battery ?

    And...the best rom for battery and performance balance? Is the slim rom good for games?

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