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  1. How's the in call volume? Too high?
  2. I don't know, but i think not cause you don't have that option on swapper config.
  3. Well, you can find swapper here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.azasoft.free.swapper&feature There you have some info about it. You just need to click on activate and choose the file dimension, it will create a swap file in your SD card. It's better to choose 200mb or max 250mb..
  4. I don't have that lag. I'm using this clock sets: Max: 1008mhz Min: 480mhz Governor: SmartassV2 I/O: CFQ Also, i'm using swapper to have 250mb swap and also the app greenify to take out facebook. I have also autostarts to prevent the auto triggers from many many apps i have. So..with this i have ~100mb free of ram.
  5. Just one question, you recommend full wipe comming from 6.5 to 6.6? Or is not needed?
  6. I'll give a shot this night! Thanks in advance
  7. I've installed the swapper app and made a 200mb swap. It doesn't appear in the ram usage but if you have the terminal emulator app, type free and you'll see the swap part, now the phone is a bit quicker :)
  8. Happened first time, then i made a Factory restore and did it again, everything worked ;)
  9. Loving the battery, like ICS! Right now, with using like ics...1 day 2h and have 59% left of battery :D Really nice job man!
  10. But this themes is like the CM Themes? Or just like the launcher themes?
  11. In other way, i like this rom and for me it's the first rom after ICS that we can use for daily and has some features and battery life. Btw, i saw in the rom that it has an option "themes", but wich themes can we use? Thanks :D
  12. You mean when you receive an sms or something like that?
  13. Tried this rom and it's everything working like a charm! Battery is fine..almost like ICS. Nice job!
  14. dmalaquias

    Roms that don't drain battery ?

    And...the best rom for battery and performance balance? Is the slim rom good for games?