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  1. thx! reflash with online gallery!
  2. Why the camera does not have photosphere?
  3. Same behavior, the pop up appears (it says "saving image") and disappears without cutting.
  4. Yes, stock with picasa/g+ sincr option, but I don't have g+ installed.
  5. Paul, have also fixed the problem of the contact photos? Thanks
  6. There is a chance that you look at the problem of pictures in contacts? Thanks
  7. The same problem, when I press "cut" the operation is not performed. I'm hoping for a quick fix.
  8. Unable to save contact photos. Does anyone else encounter the same problem?
  9. Same here. With Jr5 and TBA pro no problem.
  10. stefano iungg

    Ad Free Membership

    I bought adfree but I have not received the activation. Some days have passed and I received no response to emails. Who can I contact to get an explanation?