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  1. anssi_s

    MoDaCo Mobile Week 51 - What up G

    Did I hear it wrong or did the Podcast say an LG G2 review is coming "soon"? Oh and amusingly, I can't search the site for LG G2 since search terms have to be at least three characters...
  2. anssi_s

    MoDaCo Mobile Week 47 - Take it to the (One) max!

    Uh, this episode isn't in the RSS feed for some reason?
  3. What about a patch to Android bug 8219321 also known as the Android Master Key vulnerability? Apparently Cyanogenmod was just patched but can we please get that into MCR? Paul?
  4. anssi_s

    XMOD: MoDaCo Toolkit for Xposed Framework

    What about multiple users on Galaxy Nexus? I don't see the option to enable multiple users in MoDaCo Toolkit. If I enable "Show users on power menu" a Users entry appears also in Settings but activating that gets me an instant reboot. I'm running MCR Jr16 from March 28th so it's not quite the latest. Should I upgrade to that? And what happens to all this Xposed stuff (I'm using Xprivacy as well) when I upgrade ROM anyway? Does it need to be reinstalled?
  5. I've been thinking, what about a mod for no battery indicator on the status bar? That way we can add whatever we like... I find both percentage mods to be too small to easily make out the percentage. Another thing from CyanogenMod, apparently there's a setting which shows lock screen widgets expanded automatically, So you don't have to swipe down to see everything on your Dash Clock widget... Come to think of it, where's the DC plugin for the Modaco app?
  6. Well, my second try with Jr14 works well so far, but no Chrome and I'm sure I selected it. I did unselect pretty much everything else I've used only rarely this time. Quite a surprise to have Firefox come up after hitting a link in Plume...
  7. I haven't tried it but I suppose you could also sideload from recovery? At least CWM and TWRP have support for it, so you go to sideload mode in recovery (it's 'install zip from sideload' in CWM) and then do adb sideload whatever.zip on your computer. Well, assuming you have a computer, USB cable, drivers and Android SDK...
  8. Same here. Damn. Had to go back to Jr13. Oh well.
  9. I've had that problem but only sometimes. Likewise sometimes the phone seems to get stuck in 2g. It's been rare though. Sometimes toggling data or 3g fixes it, sometimes I have to reboot. I'm not sure this saves anything like significant power either. Are there any measurements? For me the main use for this is that the phone switches to 2g at home where I have poor 3g.
  10. So are you using rsync from the command line? I was hoping for something a little more user friendly... And how fast is it? I'd assume the SSH crypto will hit the CPU pretty hard on the phone. Worth a try though. I tried "Samba File Sharing" yesterday to turn my phone into a Samba/CIFS server and did a backup of /mnt/sdcard (sans Music folder) with Unison from a Windows PC (Unison is rsync-like with the block checksums etc but also a convenient UI, either text or GUI). Speed wasn't great, transfer rate with Samba over Wifi was about 800 kB/s at best. But after the initial backup with Unison I can now do a quick scan and detect changed files only in a couple of minutes. Now, if only one could turn the USB interface into a network interface on the phone end for faster than wifi. Or maybe Google will include rsync in adb :)
  11. Now that I've thought about things, what I'm really looking for is syncing the phone /mnt/sdcard directory to PCs running Windows (7) or Linux as a way to backup. Handy way to push new Nandroid backups or whatever has changed instead of everything. With a separate SD card things were easy, the card contents showed up as a real directory so I just ran Unison on the PCs. MTP doesn't work like that and seems flaky even in Windows. I guess the best thing for me would be a Samba server on the phone, so I'll try "Samba Filesharing" from the market. NFS server would be second best. It's just a pity Microsoft is a little wobbly with their NFS support (XP has it, 7 in Enterprise and Ultimate only, 8 has it in Pro).
  12. The only thing I can think of is NFS support in the kernel. And even when I've had it I didn't use it that much.
  13. Really liking this! Although I already had one instance of cellular data death but let's hope it's not common.
  14. It's an OK battery indicator, but actually I find it a little hard to make out the numbers inside the circle. Or maybe my eye sight just isn't good enough...