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  1. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    go to settings>about phone>cyanogenmod update then select update manually..done..invalid int "cm9" will no longer appear everytime you switch the wifi.
  2. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    @pajser29,try gellmars mod.
  3. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    good day,cm9 seems a bit stable now.imo.thanks to gellmar.i was on stock rom for a long time and since cm10 isn't around yet,i tried the latest cm9 nightly with gerllmar mod (without sdmerge.seriously i don't like it.hehe.sorry :D).again,so far the smoothest cm9 kernel i used.some bugs were already been fixed. usb mass storage speed is a lot more faster than stock now circular lock screen also been fixed. and i was surprised when my L3 was fully drained,then i connectd it to the charger,there was battery charging animation!(before,you just see LG logo when charging the phone turned off.) what else? and the kernel you modified was freakin' smooth! freezing issue?(i'm waiting.lol) its gradually improving.thanks a lot gellmar.i wish all the devs in L3 community is like you.addressing all the bugs/issues and giving solutions not just making custom roms with modified icons and stuffs but buggy.and me.i wish a can be a dev like you.haha.looking forward for more bug fixes. :) so i recommend using gellmar mod when using cm9. :) @nikufellow,i think the stock ics gallery doesn't support photo editing.there should be a separate editor for that to work.imo @ajeeshvijayan, 1. when you turn on the mobile data,you should wait.if you continuously press it,that bug will occur and you need to restart the phone to reactivate it.i experienced that before. 2. this needs fix but using 3rd party app for wifi tethering is the answer i guess. 3. not much of an issue for me.if your phone is in your pocket,or when you put it on a table,do you need to stare at the phone for incoming notifcations?haha.
  4. cm7!hell yeah!i'll wait for that too.cm7 would be great since i love stock gingerbread for now.cm10 and cm7 yeah! but i agree with one of the posts that why not swap internal sd and external sd just like in cm9?every single mb of memory counts.there's always a link2sd if you don't like the system memory to deplete easily.and it would be great if the patch is universal,i mean like you can apply it to different version of stock firmware,v10i,v10n,europe open,uk,etc.
  5. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    i think qualcomm already released jelly bean driver for adreno2xx?
  6. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    thank God!now cm10 thread will be silent. :) :) :) :) you buy Samsung Galaxy S4!!!
  7. the kernel with usb mass storage made by gellmar is very good.just the read and write speed is the issue. i like stock rom very much coz the battery life is superb.and ram managenent is better than ics.even with autorun manager pro,the ram of cm9 depletes easily.unlike stock.look at the highest free ram i got.with 50+ apps/games installed. :)
  8. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    but the kernel you made was pretty smooth.smoother than the overclocked kernel out there.i hope you can update it.i'm very satisfied with the speed of that kernel you made. :)
  9. uhm,and how about for stock rom?is there any way you can port this in stock rom?
  10. i should try this sometime.or just wait for cm10?hehe.uhm,how about the battery percentage bug?i hate that bug,when you turn off/restart the phone or when the phone freeze,the battery percentage decreases or sometimes it increases. just a tip to increase battery life,charge the phone overnight.you'll get the longest possible power from the battery.imo
  11. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    gellmars mass storage fix works and made cm9 smooth.but the read and write speed from pc to phone is so slow like hell. xD so decided to remove the sdcard instead and use card reader and its much faster than usb mass storage.but its just me. :)
  12. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    hey!keep quiet.if you have so many compaliant about L3,better buy for a high end device like S4.remember that our phone is low end.you can't expect much out of it.
  13. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    ahh.so you're referring about temperature you will get this summer?haha.its normal that the phone gets hot when the air temperature is high.i already experieced that so many times.the maximum temp i got was 41 degrees.and its normal i guess.just avoid putting your phone on top of a wooden table.
  14. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    there's no overheating going on with the L3.nor any other users reported such issue.
  15. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    this is great!just great!thanks!