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  1. If it tries installing too fast, My guess would be you have the wrong version of CWM. Try using recovery-clockwork-hybrid-
  2. Nothing else to say other than . Thank You very much, for what is In my opinion, the best Rom I have used. Cheers, and Good Luck with your new phone.
  3. No lagging here either. Smooth as butter, and fast.
  4. This is after nearly 2 days of what I would call normal use. I am on B934. No cwm. 60 odd apps, but no 3G signal locally. Still got 78% left.
  5. The for the heads up Andy, i got it as soon as it was available. And It has made a big difference to my phone .. Very happy right now, apart from the fact vodafone have suspended my sim "due to irregular activity". Will sort out Monday, but all I have done is install the B934 update. Maybe playing with the different roms and having to keep getting vodafones settings everytime is considered suspicious. Never had this before so will see.
  6. Why, It was not required to make my system run smoothly. I can't imagine how it could run better. So I won't bother. I have all the notification toggles and boot animation without redoing it.
  7. Just so it's clear I did upgrade using the "software upgrade" method direct from the sd card.. No cwm, no volume buttons just click and squeeky bum time. :o Although I do appreciate that it seems everyone is having a different approach. Relative to their needs and requirements.
  8. That's odd as mine installed the notification toggles even without using the new vendor update.
  9. FWIW. I have just upgraded direct from sd card from B927 with no problems, didn't even need the enclosed vendor file, as the toggles were already there. As far as I can tell this release so far feels slightly more responsive particularly the capacitive buttons, and doesn't need interfering with to get play store banking apps etc. Natwest was found and loaded fine.
  10. Thanks for that lads. it is really encouraging to hear that tinkering can improve stock ...
  11. As a relative noob (as I am likely to be labelled, for good reason) I would like to know how many people feel they have honestly got a better phone after interfering with the internal workings. (rom changes, unofficial updates etc) I only ask as I am seeing so many problems cropping up on this board, arising from said interference, and to be honest I thought GB892 worked really well, but got enticed by the prospect of ICS and all the talk of it being much better, however I feel I am now worse off then when I started. This interface (ics927) is laggy , needs repeated taps to do what the earlier versions did seamlessly and feels way more sluggish. I only ask in the interest of discussion, and edification. I mean no disrespect to the learned friends in here, who have advanced our respective knowledge and helped out beyond the call of duty. I really do appreciate how much time and effort goes into their work. But; I thought it might be interesting to see how many others, in all honesty wish they had left well alone. Gary.
  12. +1 I think for the money this phone is as good as it gets.
  13. GaryM30

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    We will take that as a "Don't Know" then shall we. 'cos I was just thinking the exact same thing, and rather hoped one of the more experienced modders would know the answer.