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  1. i have some problem when opening videos from the facebook app. there's always a green lines at the bottom of the video. google chrome with touchpal keyboard it has strange behaviour. it becomes invisible. pages start appearing in duplicate when you scroll down. camera in much better on this version! excellent job!
  2. about the leds that probably because you havent cleaned the memory and cache. the problem about the led is that is lways white even if you select another color. the quick notification bar sometimes gprs communications are turned on and at definitions > more > mobile network they are off. google chrome when filling username or password fields and scrolling down it freezes and bounces the image. besides that excellent rom. congrats
  3. all my pics are with captured with green tones. is this normal?
  4. i just upgrade from the miui version that i also have placed the huawei splash screen by sebastian and i have no problems at all. everything is working perfectly :)
  5. click on the left key for options. go to the last item thats settings. than scroll the display to the right to see the complete settings. scroll down untill you see an image from a keyboard just below the clock icon. select it and its the first item on that menu, change it to english. another bug thats annoying me, during a call if you receive a SMS the phone vibrates just next to your ear.. not cool! besides that miui got a lot of great features i will stick around this rom...
  6. done! tks for your help
  7. i have tested the 2.8.17 rom without sim card, for default it launches on chines language. after hardly found how to change to english it shows the error message: unfortunately, setting has stopped. there are some chinese app you cant uninstall. and after the phone went to sleep and you activate it show a message saying that the usb has been disconnected.
  8. thanks a lot elperroderoke, is there any way to place back the original huawei logo?
  9. i got some strange behaviour... when using the imei 0 or not mine the splash image/boot image is the original one with the huawei logo and if i'm using my own imei, and after restore it, the boot image is showing the chinese logo 3g wo something... why is this happening?
  10. pedroxe

    External usb / usb host

    its a shame this feature doesnt work... i was really looking for it!
  11. just a quick question: is there any support for usb OTG with this rom?