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  1. hy, when i try to instal in twrp i got error failed. Thanks!
  2. New update??

    I found on acer.ro AV051.S500.RV10RC05.EMEA.MBSD uploaded in 02.01.2014...it's something new???... Thanks!!!
  3. [TOOL] S500 SIM Unlock v1.1

    i root my phone i instaled all the driver but i can't get port diag connect ....somebody can help me?....i don't have stock rom can this be a problem??
  4. Ty for the answer ,i try what you said but no chance to work :(( the ideea is when i install the rom in market astphalt 8 said no't compatible with your device ,and after i use xposed i can download it but i got that eror 942. Thanks!!!
  5. Hi, hello everyone .. recently i flashed reca rom everything is great and all except the google play store .. i've downloaded asphalt 8 market to get .. but when i download them i get this message : "Asphalt 8" could not be downloaded due to an error. (942) can someone help me please ? With other roms work .....but i really like this rom ,can anyone help me??? thanks !
  6. Stock Rom Acer CloudMobileS500

    i think the best is ics to update jelly bean but what you have don't matter i need for orange romania . Thank's
  7. Stock Rom Acer CloudMobileS500

    i can't find i search on acer ,i need for orange romania on acer.ro i can't find please help me.... Thank's!!
  8. Hi guys, I need fast the stock rom of acer cloud mobile emea org romania somebody can help me???..... Thank's