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  1. Thanks for your effort, that would be great! :D
  2. Here's another thread like this check it out! :) http://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-u/issues/app-disable-service-t2455525
  3. Thanks for fast reply :) Cool, I'll wait for modules, and now I'm heading off to try supercharger tweak, yay
  4. Hey rhen, great way to make KK more usable. This will be my second try on KK and I hope I can make it as daily ROM(first time I tried it too early but I remember how fast it was). I have couple of questions so bare with me :P We need more space on /system for GEL and Offline speach... etc., am I right? Or is there any other reason? And how can I install GEL and will it work? Do you have any tips on making KK better for daily use? Will it work with Supercharger tweak we have here on forum? I feel a little bit spoiled asking you this much questions, I hope you won't mind answering them :/ Great work you're doing, btw I use Orion ringtone
  5. flajko

    [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    Great work :D Свака част! :) Edit: I've got 257MB free RAM on first boot :D Amazing :D
  6. Ok thanks then :) Не користим ја ммс него се апликација за поруке зове MMS.apk :D
  7. Does this ROM have the Strip unicode option in MMS.apk? For some versions of the MMS.apk that option is invisible but it actually converts letters like ć,č,š to c,c,s. Can someone who has this installed try and type some unicode letters and see if the message length still is 160 characters or is it reduced to around 70. Thanks in advance, I'm such an addict to this option and having it would really help me!
  8. flajko


    Hey guys, I get this message when I go to Messages->Settings: "Sorry! The application Messaging(proces com.android.mms) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" That wasn't the case with the first version of this ROM when only WiFi didn't work
  9. flajko


    I'm sorry but I get really slow download, can anyone reupload somewhere else? Or is it server overload :D everyone wants to try it :)
  10. Can't believe that after a lot of ICS's and JB's I'd be going back to the GB! :D Great great great FAST ROM!!! Thanks Tillaz, never dissapoint us! :D
  11. flajko

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    Best ROM I ever had, no reboots or FCs! Very stable ROM! :D I love it! :)
  12. flajko

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    Has anyone tested GB version of this ROM? I found it on that site also. Is it faster then ICS? I'm sorry if this has been answered already!
  13. I'm sorry I didn't explain unicode letters problem as detailed as I should have. The thing is that AOKP ROM, CM10.1 and (I think) even Electra has the option when you go into the Messaging app->Settings to choose whether to leave letters like "ć", "č", "š" intact or to change them into "c", "c" ,"s". I think it was called Stripping unicode letters (or something like that) and it's very useful because letters like "ć" etc. change number of possible characters per message from 160 to (I think) 72 and the more of those letters the shorter the message and it's all realted to the problem of encoding those characters. When I use keyboards with Serbian dictionary if I have the "stripping unicode letters" disabled word like "sreća" stays intact and I have to change it into "sreca" and add it to dictionary, and I need to do that all the time for any new word I use, but with the unicode option enabled the Messaging app strip those letters (ć->c, č->c, š->s, ž->z) even though I use them when I type, the important part is that it's not related to the keyboards!! For example when I type "Srećan rođendan" Messaging app strips it to "Srecan rodjendan" and it means a LOT just for the number of letters per message and therefore the price of one decent message! :D BTW "Srećan rođendan" means "Happy birthday" Thanks for making HTC Desire add-on, and I'm so sorry for your laptop! Hope you get a new one soon! Thanks for everything you've done and I hope you get back soon into the developing waters If you know flashable Messaing app with the unicode option please send me a link to try it out! :)
  14. @kyan31: Please answer my previous question regarding unicode letters since astraldemon's idea won't work in my case because I use swype or swiftkey keyboard with Serbian dictionary and I use Flow to type faster and removing those special characters really helps a lot and I don't have to save changed words into the dictionary all the time. Please let it be possible :) Also is it possible to make Huawei show up as HTC Desire on Google play,just like in Infusion. (sorry if it is already done, not sure but one game says that it doesn't support my phone model and it used to support it)
  15. Hey there, I actually went to school of Electrical Engineering "Nikola Tesla", since I'm from Serbia! I'm really proud to use this ROM, thanks for making it! :D I haven't experienced any bugs yet, it's very fast and sleek ROM but I'd like to ask you if you could add the option for stripping unicode character in Messaging app, because my language has a couple of them("ć, č, š, ž...") and changing them into "c c s z..." really means a lot! Thanks in advance! ^_^