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  1. Jaisan888 added a comment Why are Nexus accessories so expensive and so late?   

    Purchased a Spigen Ultra Hybrid for my Nexus 5 on Amazon for £7.90 all inclusive. Sometimes the third party product may be better in quality than OE, not just for cost of purchase which is why I never purchase OE.
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  2. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic Samsung announces the Galaxy S IV   

  3. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic Hands on with the Mu folding USB plug   

    You make it sound as though the Chinese manufactures rubbish but in fact they are now way ahead.............................do you not realize that the iPhone and most products are Chinese manufactured ?
    This MU USB plug is manufactured by the Chinese ???
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  4. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic Upgrade to a HTC 8S on Orange / T-Mo Prepay for £119.95   

    I want a white one........................white is the new black.
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  5. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic White Nexus 4 confirmed - CPW group exclusive?   

    It's the trend, phonemobile industry going the way of the automobile industry, White is the new Black.............

    NB: Whites and Blacks are not classified as colours, they are shades, colourless.
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  6. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic First impressions of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC   

    It would be superflous to have profile switching, never ever heard of any two people sharing a mobile phone.

    Would very much like to get hold of this device and Beat it to smithereens with a 2.1 Mega-pixel camera to relieve some stress....................................I was quite confused/muddled by the In Use section which contained "by really using it in anger i've enjoyed it".

    Seriously now, I only have one question...........as a general concensus, would this device be considered The best Windows 8 mobile phone ?
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  7. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic Buying devices direct from China   

    Very much interested in the JiaYu G3 mainly due to my need for a Dual SIM device. Then again I don't mind carrying two phones, if one goes down then there's the other as backup.

    Which leads me to be interested in the Goophone I5 , this beats the iPhone 5 even in screen resolution at a fifth of the price. In my personal opinion, this Goophone also has the advantage of being an Android device.

    Then again wait a little longer and new MediaTech CPUs will support 12 mega pixel camera etc etc etc...............even better devices.

    On hindsight, all these preorder devices may just be speculations by those little manufacturers just to test the market.........
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  8. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic Amoi N820 getting Android 4.1 Jellybean   

    This processor will soon become outdated when MT6583/85/88/89 is released as MediaTek tries to outgun Qualcomm.
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  9. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic [ROM] [ICS] [B952] INFUSION [CM FEATURES] [B06]   

    Follow all the necessary procedures from #1 but most importantly flash the .zip file with CWM v.5
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  10. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic Jiayu G2 Review   

    Very nice review, you have increased my temptation to purchase one of these devices.........but I am resisting........................nearly pulled the trigger on a G3 the other day but decided to hold back and wait a little longer after seeing a pre-order for a OPPO Find 5, it maybe a little more costly but the specifications are unsurpassed ATM.
    When this OPPO Find 5 reaches retail, another pre-order device will beat it and so on and so on..............................in which case I'll be using my two HAG300 until I reach the promised land.
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  11. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic [ICS] [REPACK] [4.0.3] B944 U8815 Yoigo release [ROM]   

    Worked for me on B940 as a .zip file using CWM v5.0.2.8 rev2, whereas I had problems (maybe due to other apk) when using CWM v4.0.1.5.
    Also I was using Apex Launcher because Nova Prime has issues with Hw_Weather, so they all say...........

    Tried to upload the .zip file here but at 14.2 MB, it just won't allow...........can't remember where it originated as I had installed different ROMs dozens of times in the last fortnight......sos I can't be more helpful.
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  12. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic [ICS] [REPACK] [4.0.3] B944 U8815 Yoigo release [ROM]   

    Hope it's still there.............http://www.solidfiles.com/d/cc9f647e1e/
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  13. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic [ROM] [ICS] [B952] INFUSION [CM FEATURES] [B06]   

    Same same name, hey hey Iain ?
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  14. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic [ROM] [ICS] [B952] INFUSION [CM FEATURES] [B06]   

    I for one always delete the notepad from the ROM before install and download the ColourNote at a later stage as an option.

    Secondly, to those who install their .zip files using CWM-Easy-Installer v4.0.1.5, maybe try using CMW v5.0.2.8. You may have WiFi issues with v4, maybe other issues which are as yet not known.
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  15. Jaisan888 added a post in a topic [ROM] [ICS] [B952] INFUSION [CM FEATURES] [B06]   

    Installing ContactsExt.apk should/suppose to do the trick but with B07 the launcher breaks after any addons installation.
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