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  1. RT @AdobeCCDesign: The features/tools @webalys uses to design interfaces: Speed Design with @Illustrator. http://t.co/mchQKGVTuc http://t.c…

  2. RT @Illustrator: An #infographic about what we think about at work. http://t.co/88oVAlmBr8 You been caught with any of these thoughts? http…

  3. Hey, thanks a lot for this rom, everything is working ok no reboots, but i also have a issue with the call app, well i guess is more about the screen wake up, when i get a call the screen only lights up around the 5th ring so i cant answer the call until then, also when i get a SMS the screen doesn't light up also. I thought it was something related with the proximity sensor but i calibrated it and the problem continues. The dial pad like someone also pointed out only shows at the second time i press it to appear. Other than that great work Zee :D
  4. RT @evanmarien: Love all good music, regardless of genres... don't go thinking too hard about it

  5. RT @evanmarien: A fart is a quick way to change the subject in conversation #themoreyouknow

  6. After install i get the green android dude for 5 sec and then black screen! I need to take out the battery to boot it again. Did a clean install and even redid the TPT just to be sure and nothing. Thanks for the port but this aint working
  7. snakewhisper

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    yes yes, worked like a charm, thank you again :)
  8. snakewhisper

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    Downloading the TPT :D By the way, i don't know if you noticed but the care package file got blocked by mediafire.
  9. snakewhisper

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    thanks killer99, much appreciated :D
  10. snakewhisper

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    Thanks for the fast reply. I have a European blade sold with gen1 updated to gen2 by an operator update. I used Blade checker app to check and it says I need to use an image.bin Tpt.
  11. snakewhisper

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    Sorry about the noob question, it's about the TPT, the normal power, vol+, menu combination leave me at the green droid without starting the TPT, usually with the other TPT's that i used for Konstat roms that are on Amphoras site, there is only a image.bin at the Image folder and everything goes smooth. Do i need to use another method to use this TPT? Thank you in advance for your answer
  12. I'm checking out @TweetLanes, a brand new Twitter app for Android. Looks pretty cool so far. http://t.co/3EnLpIJ

  13. Hey, i found a little bug with this rom, i don't know if its a problem regarding cm10.1 all togheter or the port. I usually only use 2G network to save battery, changing to 3G only when i need it. What happens is that even tough i have 2G selected in the new toggle buttons, when i restart the phone, it allways starts the phone using a 3G connection and show the toggle button as 2G. I need to change it to 3G (even tough it's already using it) and then to 2G.