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  1. langerhead

    [ROM][JB][4.2.2]AOKP 20/5/13

    Definitely the best JB rom i've tried, only issue is the occasional reboot, very fast and smooth, be nice to see an update at some stage.
  2. langerhead

    [ROM][JB][4.2.2]AOKP 20/5/13

    Really Nice ROM, no issues found apart from laggy camera but I installed Miui camera instead.
  3. I had widgets switched off for the lockscreen. dashclock/cLock works now. Battery life is as at least as good as stock for me, probably better, everything smooth i have noticed a few dropouts from 3g but lasting only seconds, never missed a call, call quality fine, always strange how much peoples experience differs on the same rom, is there a way to disable the bars on the side of the lockscreen indicating the widgets without actually removing widget support? No other problems at all.
  4. the cLock app (ver 2.2) still wont display any weather for me and the clock on the lockscreen remains the same (non bold numbers) no matter what i do, even though the clock on the home screen has both bold and non bold numbers. The lock screen settings work for adding shortcuts to the lock ring etc but nothing makes a difference to the clock, i also tried dashclock but it was the same. Is this the same for everyone? not a deal breaker on an otherwise great ROM but i'm curious.
  5. Sigh* I just flashed this, I thought to myself that it would be exactly the same as was already on the phone and it turns out I was right. Now I have two galleries and camera apps exactly the same. How do I get rid of one? I searched in the system/app folder for an apk for the second camera but it isnt there, any ideas? Fantastic ROM other than the slightly laggy camera but MIUI camera will do just fine. One other thing is that the clock on the lockscreen doesnt display the hours in bold like on the homescreen, not a big thing but just a bit odd. Nevermind, found the apk. deleted it.
  6. Have you changed rom recently? If so check if your default storage is internal or sd. If it is internal and you normally use sd then wipe internal storage provided you are sure there is nothing you need on there and presuming you are rooted go into recovery and go to advanced and try fix permissions.
  7. Anyone experiencing missing/unrecognised music/photos after install try running fix permissions in clockwork mod, it worked for me.
  8. Thanks. Solved anyway, I couldn't do it in sounds in settings but a long press on the track brought up the option.
  9. just installed, seems nice so far, but i cant choose an mp3 as a ringtone. Is it possible?