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  1. I've been using this ROM since it first came on the scene and have not had any SD card issues, so I suspect it may be a duff card? Is there any pattern to when the corruption occurs - ie after any updates, or removal of software, or after running cleaning tools?
  2. I have tried that (numerous times!) by copying & pasting and entering the details manually to no avail - All settings are identical! The only difference is that the APN Type in offline SIM says '*' which is not an option - I have tried leaving as default, setting as MMS and various other combinations. Ah well, all else works fine except MM, so I will live without it & email instead! Thanks again Dakok
  3. Hiya! Got the same issue now I have updated my ROM to the MicroMax A310 4.4.2, as the Offline SIM APN database is not allowed to direct-write APN settings. As before, all are entered correctly and the only difference is that I do not have an 'APN Type' option to enter '*' in Any ideas on how I can get round this? Thanks again!
  4. Thanks Dakok - Much appreciated, but do you know of a similar keyboard which has the smiley option displayed all the time, as it is quite fiddly to have to hold the enter key with one finger, and then use another to press the smiley icon while trying to hold the phone? I had this previously on AOSP V4 laek.17 KitKat REPACK (v3 kernel), but a Titanium restore of the keyboard did not re-add this feature? Like this one: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://phandroid.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Google-Keyboard-2.0-Google-Play.jpg&imgrefurl=http://phandroid.com/2013/11/07/google-keyboard-2-0-now-available/&h=1892&w=3400&tbnid=5S9SEds8j9fi1M:&zoom=1&docid=C0rCG3sRfeXOpM&ei=EgfgVMW1INPlaOCTgZAG&tbm=isch&ved=0CA0QMygFMAU4ZA
  5. Great ROM - Just a few questions! There are no smiley images on the keyboard app when texting - Any way to get this back, or does anyone know of a similar keyboard to the one included which has these? (I have tried to restore the previous AOSP keyboard from a back-up to no avail) Also, downloads now go to a 'My favourites' folder - Does anyone know if I can create a 'Downloads' folder and point them there instead? Finally, has anyone else managed to get GoBackUp to recognise the external SD card? Thanks guys!
  6. Took a bit of playing about, but got there in the end - I had to go Pro to get the settings to work, as copying/pasting did not work... The only one that I could not set was 'APN Type', which was '*', as there was no option to set this manually. Many thanks Dakok - I have tried a few of these apps (including Tweakker, which has worked fine before on other networks) :)
  7. Hi, Is anyone using TalkTalk, as I have issues trying to send MMS messages. (Internet etc are all fine) I have tried all the settings from the website - http://help2.talktalk.co.uk/setting-internet-browsing-and-picture-messaging to no avail, and was wondering if anyone had got this working on the Coolpad F1, and if so, if they could please post their settings? (I am using the AOSP Laek V4 ROM with the kernel downgrade if that helps?) Thanks in advance! (Screenshots of current set up attached)
  8. I used 'Boot Animations' (freeware from Playstore). There is a selection to download there. I used this software to back up the one from Jonzalvo's AOSP V2 and then restore it to the AOSP Laek V3 ROM)
  9. +1 for a dedicated Coolpad F1 subforum from me too!
  10. I keep getting a message that the device needs updating and it downloads a 13MB update.zip file (to the root of the SD card), but it cannot install it. Current system version - 4.2.020.p0.140409.8297w Update system version - 4.2.021.P0.140414.8297W It reports various errors, whether I try and install it via CWM or by MobileUncle - Anyone got any ideas how to get round it (I have re-downloaded numerous times) Failed to verify whole-file signature Assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device) E:Error in data/media/0/update.zip Installation aborted The phone seems to keep losing root, and I need to keep re-doing it using the VRoot app that came with the phone, if that could be an issue?
  11. Just got mine through the post,so can anyone recommend a good (rooted) ROM to use I currently have GooglePlaystore in Chinese and cannot see my SD card in Windows (I have tried the 3 USB options, but can only access the phone and device SD)? Thanks!
  12. It is the glass screen which is cracked and looks like a spiders web - The display underneath is fine and the touchscreen still works, but I would like to repair it if possible (I have just ordered the coolpad F1 however)
  13. Hiya! I've just dropped and cracked the screen on my Vowney V5 - Can anyone please provide a list of the top few devices worth considering as a replacement in the sub £150 price range as there a quite a lot listed in the thread, and it would be much appreciated if someone could provide a breakdown? From what I can see the coolpad F1 seems pretty popular, unless this has been outdated by a newer phone? Thanks in advance!
  14. Sorted it - Installed a different ROM & then used Titanium to back up the radio app, and then restored this to my original ROM
  15. Nice one - Any chance of the apk please?

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