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  1. I'll prefer to give someone more knowledgeable than me the opportunity to respond. Sorry I have zero experience with bricked phones.
  2. 15 seconds of googling: [removing link - it was spam. sorry]
  3. Why on earth did you flash ANYTHING into boot partition??? Boot is sacred, don't touch it if you don't know how to recover. Recovery software (image file) should ONLY be flashed to the recovery partition, NEVER anywhere else. Entering recovery software is done by turning the phone off, then pressing POWER + VOLUME UP for 10 seconds, if software has been flashed correctly it has no right not to work. ROM should ONLY be flashed from within the recovery software. I am not sure what you can do.
  4. You just tried to boot from recovery. The syntax is: fastboot flash [partition to be flashed] [image file] Recovery software has to be flashed to recovery partition, not to boot partition! It's rather intuitive: boot files go to "boot" partition, recovery software goes to "recovery" partition, Android system goes to "system" partition, and so on. So, in order to flash custom recovery, you should have entered: [email protected]:~$ sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery.img That of course assuming that the device is rooted. Likely you don't even need to use sudo.
  5. You will need to Google how to flash custom recovery. There are zillions of posts on this. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+flash+CWM+recovery
  6. See here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1403663 I have CWM Recovery which works fine.
  7. You tried to flash the entire ROM to recovery partition, which is incorrect. I took a look at the ROM and realised it cannot be flashed via fastboot, sorry! The reason is, it does not contain images for each partition but the folder structure, so it is meant to be flashed using recovery (TWRP or CWM). But as you are at fastboot now, why don't you flash CWM Recovery right away?
  8. Flashify? I have no experience with flashing via an app. By TWRP and CWM I mean recovery programs that need to be installed on the recovery partiction and can be run at boot time (instead of the operating system); and not Android apps (they never worked for me). Just like in the screenshots returned when googling for "TWRP". Yes, a ROM can normally be flashed via ADB (which uses USB connection). Phone has to be rooted. k.
  9. In TWRP, just go to Install --> Install ZIP from SD Card. Just check whether it works, then do it once again but after wiping all partitions. "Backup" is a different option and is of no use when flashing a ROM.
  10. Did you try to flash it using TWRP Recovery or CWM Recovery?
  11. Hi, This is a mod of an Android 4.4.2 ROM featuring EMUI 3.0 and dual SIM support for Huawei Ascend G6-U00. The ROM is based on the B322 firmware update as is a significant improvement over an earlier 4.4.2 version that had Caller ID and other issues. I no longer have time to work on this ROM (I simply need my G6 for work) so I am posting it as is in hope someone might feel like polishing it further, or simply download and use. The ROM works flawlessly. Rooted. No GApps (can be flashed separately), although Google Play framework is present. Serious issues: None noticed.Minor issues: A 3G/4G switch is present in Settings but, naturally, don't expect 4G to work on a 2G/3G-only phone - the max you will get will be HSPA+ irrespective of the switch setting.The original FlyIME Chinese/Latin keyboard is the only one bundled. Other keyboards can surely be downloaded from Play Store or flashed. A few attempts to add Google keyboard to the ROM failed but maybe someone with more knowledge feels like incorporating e.g. the AOSP keyboard in the ROM and remove 40+ MB FlyIME (and all its subfolders)?A few unnecessary .so files might have remained in /system/lib after junk apps were deleted. They have no impact on the system performance but feel free to inspect and remove them as appropriate.Kinguser app for root management. I did not succeed with replacing it with Superuser or SuperSU on my previous version of a similar ROM and now did not have time (nor motivation) to experiment with this ROM. Kinguser works well, though. It is not the latest version but will update itself on the first run.Google boot animation is for a different resolution and will benefit from replacing.Remember to clean wipe/format all internal partitions before installing! Credits: @Shgut for reposting an unnamed Chinese modder at http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=578641&st=2440#entry37726346 (Chinese-language screenshots can also be viewed there, but don't worry, the UI launches in English if "English" is selected on the first boot). By far this is the best ROM I have had on G6-U00, and if someone took an hour or two to polish out the minor issues above, this would make it an ultimate ROM for this G6-U00. Download: https://mega.nz/#!olI1FLZB!Iqp6pOto1m3cNIH7v_o8NeZr0JpHRn8l3lzoJC3KtwQ394 MB only (and with a bit of TLC can be weaned by another 20-50MB I guess). k.
  12. Was a good ROM to try - thanks Daz. After a month of use I now went back to Slim ROM - true it's ICS 4.0.4, not JB, but the ROM is incredibly fast and bug-free.
  13. Don't know if that's of any use to you but you can get your phone unlocked (SIM-lock removal) on eBay for a few quid, no need to change/downgrade ROMs. For example: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181084439187.
  14. Seems you are trying to flash from stock recovery. For flashing third-party ROMs you need to have custom recovery installed - e.g., ClockworkMod Recovery. k.
  15. Double-check if the phone is rooted.