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  1. vampeta added a post in a topic G300 bricked.. help pls!   

    ok thx.. i will do
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  2. vampeta added a topic in Huawei Ascend G300 -   

    G300 bricked.. help pls!
    Hi Guys,
    my g300 was bricked and can't enter in CWM mode. can see only bootlogo

    if i push power and vu+ or vu- or together nothing happen ;(

    not know if i wrong something but before i install last electra rom with success

    after i would like to try the last stock+ rom

    CWM > Wipe data/factory reset /
    CWM > Wipe both dalvik
    CWM > Wipe cache partitions

    chose zip file of stock+ / DONE / reboot and bricked ;( someone can help me? thx
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