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    Vodafone 975N
  1. Gynekolog

    Vodafone 975N (Smart III)

    What you want without CWM? CWM -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2332783 16. Back to droid tools. reconnect your device to USB , debugging should be enabled, too. switch to "root, backup, recovery" tab in MTK Droid Tools. select "to choose the boot.img" and press on "Recovery and boot". select your backup boot.img and recovery,img. MTK droid tools will patch boot.img, so you obtain permanent shellroot. (optional) a window will pop-up and ask you, if you want to install CWM-r. i cannot tell you if that will work, but you can try it, since you backed up your recovery before. )
  2. Gynekolog

    Vodafone 975N (Smart III)

    You must have CWM recovery. Languages: Czech, Deutsch, English (GB), English (US), Polski, Turkey.
  3. Gynekolog

    Vodafone 975N (Smart III)

    I made flashable StockROM - http://www.mediafire.com/download/dmrrmq5qc0junjj/Vodafone_975N_unsigned_072313_124317_StockROM.zip (Vodafone distribution, CZ, JB 4.1.1)
  4. Gynekolog

    Vodafone 975N (Smart III)

    I rooted my vodafone 975N with method from your second link yesterday and everythink is OK. But thank you for answer.
  5. Gynekolog

    Vodafone 975N (Smart III)

    Hello. I am satisfied with Vodafone 975N but I'm missing root. Someone managed to make a "root" on this device?
  6. Gynekolog


    andr0idbeliev3r: Why you created topic with new ROM when you don't have release? It's nonsense.
  7. I can not install Foursquare on with all MIUI version in this topic.