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    OTG broken on Kitkat?

    Thankyou fedroid, was having the same problem as the OP... why oh why did the update mess up the OTG in the first place?
  2. henrythedog

    European OTA roll out started (UK is a go!)

    updated mine this morning, un-rooted stock tesco 8gb model, installed fine, took approx 10 mins. One thing to look out for, I noticed it chnaged the settings back to default in one or 2 places... had to select my network again to get a signal and also that it had reverted to NOT being in battery saver. I also checked to see if I could now install non-market apps without getting the "parsing failed" error... no luck unfortunately, will have to stick to google drive method for now it seems.
  3. henrythedog

    Unable to install APKs on device?

    Finally worked out how to install an .apk by using ADB. Followed this guide http://www.howtogeek.com/125769/ to install the jdk etc, had trouble making device work as no drivers could be found on my system for it, so went to the below MOTO G - Software & Drivers and installed that, re-plugged my device and then my device showed up in the command line test. Then was finally able to install by adb method... no other method works for my moto g, tried everything like copying to data folder (but wouldn't do that), tried uploading to google drive, file uploaded fine, but wouldn't install from there either.. still got the parsing failed thing. Anyway, sorted now, finally :) Hope the above works for others too. Just tested again, and now I can install .apk files from google drive after doing the above.
  4. henrythedog

    Unable to set custom ringtones/notifications

    I know you've found a way now, but alternatively just go into a music player like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrtstudio.music&hl=en_GB Search/play through songs on your device until you find one you want to use and hit the 3 dots (menu) butoon on bottom right corner of screen and select "set as ringtone", that way you don't have to move/have songs in different locations on your phone... hope that helps someone :)
  5. LOL - can't believe it was that simple, thanks fr0do... yes it is working :) I'm sure that I've had a record icon before on a stock rom when I was using dialerone maybe? or maybe I'm just imagining things? LOL... anyway as long as it works I'm happy, can also confirm you can press menu after you've dialed someone else too and it records. Thanks, sorry for being a bit thick there ;)
  6. Thanks, just did that.. could come in handy. Pretty sure I had that feature when I was running stock 952d and using dialerone, but not positive ;) [edit] not sure what happened, but hasn't changed anything, still don't get a record icon??
  7. henrythedog

    Ouch Kernel ICS v1.4 [12/03/2013]

    Cool, thanks for the info... might just have a play around to see what works best for me as the most important factors for me are the GUI being smooth and the apps opening quickly and so far that seems to be good with either this kernel or the kernel that's included in the stock + ROM V6... I'm very happy compared to when I was using the stock rom 952d :)
  8. henrythedog

    Ouch Kernel ICS v1.4 [12/03/2013]

    Changed to 1267/245 smartassV2 noop and tested again.... 4217 this time. Another stupid question but do you guys have the force GPU rendering turned on/off in developer options? any other settings I should look at changing maybe?
  9. henrythedog

    Ouch Kernel ICS v1.4 [12/03/2013]

    Thanks guys, I already did it before seeing your replies, but thanks anyway... I performed a nandroid backup and wiped the cache and dalvic cache just to be on the safe side... have mine set to 1.229Ghz / 245Mhz ondemand and noop... seems to be working great for now Scored 4166 in Antutu
  10. henrythedog

    Ouch Kernel ICS v1.4 [12/03/2013]

    Sorry for the noob question here, but how do I install this.. do I just go into CWM and flash the .zip... or should I wipe the cache and dalvik cache first? {edit] nevermind just did a bit of googling and found that it's best to wipe the cache and dalvik cache... and why.
  11. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vodafone-Huawei-Ascend-Smartphone-Silver/dp/B0089C9H4G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362782520&sr=8-1 If anyone's after another for friends/family etc - Amazon have them for £84.99 at the moment... gonna persuade my brother I think, his phone is seriously lacking compared to a modded g300 :)
  12. Thanks, testing now :) [edit] Can confirm that all my apps are still working fine, volume wake is working... all my settings stayed from R5 version, including the no frills CPU settings that I'd already changed to 1.152Ghz, smartassV2 + noop .... very pleased so far, thanks cyda for your excellent work and thanks to others that have contributed too, appreciate it :) Added some screenshots below:
  13. Noticed that no fast boot toggle option now too.... but personally doesn't bother me as I only turn my phone off/on when I have to reboot the phone for some reason or to install a new ROM.... before installing the R5 version of this rom my phone had been on for approx 5-6 months without a reboot :)
  14. Ahh, think I get it now, thanks for the info... So, when you unlock the bootloader and root, you're freeing it up to install your own bootloader "CWM" that takes it's place. Awesome :)
  15. Yep, that worked thanks... forgot to check if it'd defaulted to internal storage again after reboot :( About the apps staying, just to clear this up... so CWM stays after a full wipe (which I did when installing this ROM as per instructions right?) But the other apps will have to be restored via titanium backup or similar... I have used titanium in the past, but at the moment am using android assistant that has a few good tools included such as backup/restore.. would that do, or is titanium a better choice? I'm not positive, but think that after reboot and enter account details for google it automatically added my apps that I was using before.... I definitely didn't add them manually or use restore.. this is why I am becoming confused I think.