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  1. I'm on CM9 and have no issue with it =D. It paused it just when I first activated it.
  2. Hello, Modaco! :) I've got the Ascend G300 for almost a year right now, and the headphone/headset volume always bugged me, I couldn't listen to music in loud places because the volume was just too low. Well, I've randomly checked GPlay today and found this app. At first I was skeptical, but I gave it a try, and I was really amazed of how loud and clear my phone can play music now. If you have the same problem as me, give the app a try, you won't be disappointed. Note: The app is not developed by me and I take no credit for it.
  3. Hi there, first of all: Great Job! EmUI looks freaking amazing! Do you recommend getting Ouch kernel on this ROM?
  4. I'll try tomorrow againt, the strange thing is that I downloaded it about 5 times and tried all the zips, will keep you updated! :)
  5. Doesn't work with TWRP . Same thing, rom flashes too quickly, this is getting frustrating >.<. It looks like the problem is present only in Stock Plus, I managed to install Lightning ROM, this is very odd. Cyda, do you have any idea?
  6. Instalation failing with TWRP -- Install /sdcard/zzROM/ E:Short write of /tmp/sideload/ (No Error flashing zip '/sdcard/zzROM/StockPlus-B96 EDIT: Trying to zip TWRP, I got 2.1.2 atm.
  7. Well, actually, that's what I've done til now :\
  8. I installed alot of custom ROMs, so I think I know how to install it, apparently only CM10.1 works right now on my device, tried to flash FirefoxOS and it doesn't work, this is odd.
  9. Data, Dalvik cache, battery stats.
  10. Re-re-re downloaded it, I'm pretty sure it's not because the download.
  11. Actually I tried with 2 downloads, I'll try to download the ROM with Chrome, lol. So I guess I should be able to downgrade from JB 4.2.2 (CM) to ICS 4.0.3 (Stock+) just by the standard wipe/install zip from sd?
  12. Managed to get CM10.1 on the phone, but I still want to go back to ICS Stock +, can anyone help?
  13. EDIT2: Still no luck, the thing is that the ROM installs too fast, like 5sec fast. I got the CM CWM.

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