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  1. That's very interesting, thanks. Is there an easy way to tell if an app has x86 code in or just ARM?
  2. steveg271

    An update worth 4000 points?

    Well I suppose it could be something as simple as removing debug code or removing a single 'log' call somewhere in a loop. I did think the update improved performance, especially with Wi-Fi. Steve
  3. steveg271

    FM Radio

    I can't seem to find any settings in Spirit FM app. It just has a screen with an icon that starts the dialer, one that starts the browser and that's it. The menu has just one option to quit. How do I get to the settings please??
  4. Hi I am using the standard Android keyboard but, most annoyingly, the 'newline' key keeps disappearing and is instead replaced by a 'smiley' key. I do not care about a smiley key and would certainly prefer to be able to format documents as I wish :) Does anyone know why this might be? I have tried the other keyboard, but it does the same thing! I am using Gingerbread 2.3.6 B992 Thanks Steve
  5. The way I have seen it recommended to calibrate the compass - and that seems to work, is to rotate the phone once or twice in all three axes, one after the other. I don't know whether it helps, I use a free app GPS Status that calibrates the sensor for you, while you do the above actions. I must admit, I'm not sure whether the app does anything other than advise you to do the above. This certainly seems to clear up the jittery compass anyway. Are you also sure there are no magnetic objects near you?
  6. Hi, I have a stock Vodaphone G300 (B885) that has been unlocked and rooted (using the recommended method stickied in this forum). When I try to update the firmware using the About Phone .. Update .. Firmware update menu option, the B892 is downloaded and it tries to install it, but the install fails. It says: Checking patch files ... assert failed: apply patch check("system/build.prop") <long hex number> ... Installation aborted I have made a couple of changes to the build.prop file, am in right in guessing it is these it is objecting too? If I reverse the changes will this allow the install to continue? (this was for the microphone problem and to stop it constantly warning me on wi-fi loss/aquire charges). I guess it will be easy enough to try it and see, but someone may have another suggestion. Thanks Steve
  7. steveg271

    Mic problem poll

    I am on the original Vodaphone ROM B885 I think (these are the last characters of the Build Version anyway. I have the low mic volume problem, very poor, fixed by using the speakerphone. Bought phone on ebay so cannot return it. Steve
  8. I have this problem too (very low microphone sensitivity during calls), with a phone that is a couple of weeks old I've just bought on ebay. I 'fixed' it with the config change above turning dual mic off. I wonder if this only occurs on rooted phones? In this case I doubt Huwai would be bothered with fixing it? Steve