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    huawei g300
  1. Bluescreen - bricked?

    You don't have root end cwm ,you have to installed end root you're phone after flash rom good luck
  2. Bluescreen - bricked?

    HUAWEI Ascend G300 firmware(U8815-1,Android 4.0,V100R001C00B952CUSTC249D001,Serbia Telekom) instal this put in dload folder, volume up ,volume down end power press all end is ok. This rom have the *cust* folder this you don't have in you're phone has deleted
  3. Bluescreen - bricked?

    install a fresh rom like b952 from huawei site and you fix your phone dont try anything else
  4. anunta-ma si pe mine
  5. Huawei P1 apps on G300

    very,very slooow liink
  6. G300 does not start

    I have the same problem, I did just restore ime please help us