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  1. Can I edit the apps in this rom? For example, I have Nova Launcher Prime, but it creates a conflict when I install it (in B04 at least) can I replace the apk Launcher2 for my Nova Prime? or delete calculator and use another one, delete gmail because i don´t use it and add apk that i use?
  2. Best ROM now?

    Infusion works great!! there's a new version b02 i didn't try it yet i'm on b01 and have installed almost all custom roms of infusion and have no problems.
  3. black screen when calling

    Come back to ICS and try to install infusion custom rom.... I was desperate because i call a lot, but with infusion, works great for me.
  4. black screen when calling

    Same problem i had, Don't know why, Try to install infusion custom rom, It worked for me.
  5. I had GB Yoigo Rom, a spanish provider and remember that worked fine. Don't know what im gonna do, will wait to other custom rom.
  6. Same problem. In GB worked fine. In spanish forum, some people fixed it removing the battery during 20 seconds but It didn't worked fot me.