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    huawei ascend g300
  1. Hi i need a link to the stock rom for the huawei ascend p1 i have tryed many and none worked
  2. i tryed ota update and i get an invalid rom
  3. voyager33


    what does 2d unlock do
  4. i have the same thing edge 2 mine is australian
  5. i upgraded to b927 with infusion rom + omegamoon kernal and my signal drops out when it has to change towers. i downgraded it to GB and it still drops out when changing towers. it there any way to fix it
  6. someone put up a english mirror of version 0.0.5
  7. i finely got into the game and i try to move and it sticks goin the same way if only the jb rom had better performance
  8. i try to play earth and legend and it doesnt let me do anythin
  9. the link not working for me can some 1 send me another link
  10. i am upgrading from gb to ics and i followed all the steps and it come with an error message when it trys to install
  11. when i did the software update it said failed any ideas why
  12. i am looking for a stock rom with baseband 109808