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  1. Hi. My IMEI is also 0. Whatever)). I had problems to downgrade to GB some months ago. So I changed it to 0. Everything works.
  2. SIO isn't available. I think it is ondemand and cfg. I chose noop.
  3. Hi. What are the default governor and scheduler settings for the CPU? I relocked my bootloader and want to set up the default settings in nofrills CPU APP.
  4. Hi. I am on stock + and have HSDPA 9 with and without this mod. Whats wrong? I am from Germany, O2. Shouldnt I have HSPA 11 after flashing?
  5. Hi, I have a question. My IMEI is 0 because I couldn't install any other stock rom as b926. With "0" I moved to b952 and everything works fine. Now I would like to install this rom. Should I install my IMEI backup before the flashing or leave it as it is?
  6. Thanks. Will be there another update to r7 or is r6 the end? ))
  7. Hi guys, is this rom stable enough to use it every day? I´m searching for a stable and fast rom for my girlfriend.
  8. hi, since I installed the b926 over the b894 I can just only install b926 again with dload. other firmwares don't work. so I am thankful to have all the CWM Repacks )))).
  9. Hi. Yes I tried the b888 vendor but it didn't work. So I flashed the 894 with vendor and everything works fine. )))
  10. hi terry.n, I flashed the b892 and my buttons aren't there now....((((. I will go back to b888.
  11. so you have still the buttons in the notification bar after the flashing b892? and are there any advantages/improvements with the new b892? thx s. müller
  12. hi, i'm on b888. why i don't get the b892 update OTA? ok, i could download the b892 and install it from my sd card but i would't have the vendor apps ((.
  13. rusak2

    Going From B888 to ICS

    hi, i am on b888 too and don't get the b892 ota update. somebody know why not??
  14. YEAH, it works with the tool. Back from b894 to b892! THX.