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  1. HI i'm new this was the log: asser failed:getprop("ro.product.device")=="u8815" ||.... ||getprop("ro.bulid.product")=="u8818" E:Error in /storage/sdcard0/cm-10.1-20140101-NIGHTLY-u8815.zip (STATUS 7) what can i do?
  2. i make a same proplem with it,how can i do?
  3. Why is it prompts the following information: my version :R3 OTA the R5 E:failed to verify whole-file signature E:singature verification failed installation aborted.
  4. [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    My version:b926 In accordance with the above methods do or fail, flush the middle file also failed How to rise to the B927?