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  1. 今天不会有惊喜了,继续等待吧#KitKat 4.4 #Nexus 5 http://t.co/gcIUWT0fD6

  2. miui 5真的不错,对小米印象加分了~

  3. 雨纷纷,欲断魂~~

  4. Which ROM should I install??

    in my option CM10.1 is the best.
  5. Setting --> system-->Permissions
  6. now I'm useing this way to solve this problem.
  7. I have try the [Mod] Link2Int - v1.1 ,but nothing happened. After reboot I still have to reset the default storage to SDCARD.
  8. I don't want to manually change the default storage to SDCARD every time after reboot the phone. How can fix this? I am now useing INFUSION B07 ROM. Thanks~
  9. I am on B07 for three days,everthing is ok .and no random reboot so far. and low volumes for me is acceptable. the only Annoying thing is I must reset default storage to SD CARD after every time I reboot the phone . :(
  10. 一句真话能比整个世界还重,一个梦想能让生命迸射光芒!

  11. [JB] [4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10.0 [ROM]

    Foreground program randomly closed,anyone has this issus?