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  1. Yeah it's with the 3G enabled....in fact, it only tends to happen when signal is really low or constantly changing, makes sense. I'll try leaving wi-fi on. Cheers guys
  2. First off, thanks to Cyda for the awesome ROM, it's running so smooth with the suggested CPU tweaks. I am however, having a small but rather annoying problem, my phone keeps rebooting by itself, sometimes 2-3 times an hour and sometimes it remains stable for a while. Anyone heard of/know how to remedy this? Cheers J
  3. Hi guys, so....I'm on the bus this morning going to work as usual, listening to music via TuneIn, when, I unlock the screen, go to change the channel and everything freezes, audio still plays, but everything else is unresponsive. I lock the screen again, only to find it wont unlock again. Absolutely nothing, eventually have to take out the battery to restart it. Then, when I restart it's stuck on the Huawei logo screen and won't budge. I try 5-6 times to no avail. When I get home in the evening I try again....no luck. Then I try to boot it without the SD card in and it starts! When I put the SD card back in it says that it's blank, which is a pain as most of my apps and widgets etc. are saved on there, everything boots all messed up and its displaying apps that I've uninstalled in the past, just dont understand how the card could just die like that? Any ideas on how to get it back to how it was before, or will I have to format it and start again? I've rooted it also if it makes a difference, running B882 still. Thanks in advance