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  1. Sanek, if u can fix the battery charge issue I couldn't b more greatful, kindly
  2. sanek, thanks, you are God sent, I will definitely buy a vodka when I will, and please, append the date of the update at the OP so that we know its a new version, thanks again.
  3. Keep searching it is in one of the MIUI thread here.
  4. your contribution was valued here and will surely be missed, feels quite emotional when a leading developer departs, anyway all the best in ur endeavours.
  5. kindly sanek can u at least include stk app in your next release or else be pleased to post a flashable zip of the stk app...a humble request
  6. for sure camera fc when switched to camcorder, and though i agree we need a moderator or someone of that sort, if a dev doesn't post his/her rom and its out in some other site, for instance this MIUI JB which is in a polish/Russian site i believe we non developers have the right to exchange our views about the rom in a platform where everyone can understand and that forum happened to be modaco for that matter,just my thoughts
  7. once you've placed the theme in sd use the QuissME file explorer to install them
  8. @sanek1804, u r a genius and a saviour, thanks for this....several observatoins thou, why cant apps be moved from new corner into the home screen, the look congested in the folder, also any chance of adding a navigation bar in this and also this miui jb atrributed to you here http://narod.ru/disk/61803216001.ed94b74eb80c7c3cc0364c0e47f2b6ec/blade_2.9.21.zip.html..thanks in advance
  9. can anyone provide a flashable navbar/soft buttons for this rom, it is battery efficient also, everything is flawless including s2e...thanx sanek1804