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  1. I can confirm it works on the honor6plus. Great work Paul
  2. Getting the same problem with my Xoom (GED)
  3. Spot on Paul, they worked on the front end and left the rest. Needs a overall I would like to see better indexing of apps, like, why would you have 3D wallpaper in the sports category? Would like to see better/new categories like root.
  4. Apple win in Germany against Moto http://t.co/PJJXoiJ7

  5. Acer Liquid Gallant Duo Black and White for sale at expansys £150.99 http://t.co/rqedjcZv

  6. Expansys has both Black and white up for sale @ £150.99 http://www.expansys.com/acer-liquid-gallant-duo-white-234430/?siteID=2DHapw.g2kI-O914RtRGt2j6BQ_MxodaJg&ito=LKS2DHapw*g2kI
  7. I wouldn't worry about custom rom's they will come. Wouldn't be surprised if some XDA dev's are already working on it, like the guys over at the Acer liquid S100
  8. It's like Djokovic doesn't know how to handle the new Murray

  9. After reading the article I downloaded the Samsung Mobile print app. Working on all devices. Thnaks for tips
  10. Weekend Project: Get printing from Android - http://t.co/e2r68xqF

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