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  1. Merimobiles

    From Seller – Merimobiles Technology Co., Limited 05/08/2013 23:01 BST Hi Lee I have not updated you as I am still waiting after the shipping company who is saying the item is in your country and should be delivered shortly . I do wish I could control the shipping company and get this done right now. By escalating the dispute PayPal will verify the tracking number and than waif at least 10 days before taking a decision on the outcome Its a lot better if we resolve this amicably we expect to get a final answer from the shipping company this week Please advise thank you and sorry for the inconvenience From Buyer – Lee Bonner 06/08/2013 12:36 BST While I appreciate your position I think you'll have to appreciate that the protection PayPal offer is governed by deadlines. I am a bit loathed to run everything to the wire on a stream of empty promises. I think I have been beyond amicable when I paid for something 26 June and are still being given further promises none of which have materialised. I have paid money for something I have not received. I was informed that at the very latest I would receive the item was at 21 working days. I have not received the item in almost 30 working days. Why would I not be unhappy? I don't think it helped that I was lied to from the outset - stating my phone had "shipped" 26 June to take my money when clearly nothing of the sort had happened. I was then informed the post needed time for tracking to work on 3 July. This was also a lie. The item had not even been actually shipped until 5 July. All round a shoddy experience. So you'll have to forgive me for having very little sympathy left to your cause. The tracking number states the item is still awaiting airspace in Bejing. Who is this shipping company that you keep referring to that do not know where their packages are or if they have been delivered for weeks at a time? One thing is certain they have not delivered it to me! You say "By escalating the dispute PayPal will verify the tracking number and than waif at least 10 days before taking a decision on the outcome" Well that sounds like good news to me as I am fed up of wasting my time chasing up this matter.
  2. Merimobiles

    Still not received anything from Merimobiles. Lost patience. 34 days since I ordered. Opened up a dispute with PayPal - to ensure I am not disbarred from making a claim with them - while Merimobiles say they are "looking" for my phone. Not impressed as a first time customer and glad I paid with PayPal. Will keep people updated on here.
  3. Merimobiles

    It seems pretty clear to me that "shipped" just equals money taken and has no connection to your order actually shipping. It is now 25 days since purchase. Merimobiles responded on 17 July claiming it has left China - by quoting a Chinese website - run it through Google translate - it is still in Beijing as of right now. Just sent a message now asking how they have confirmed it has left China when every other tracking site says it is still in the Airport? Paid through PayPal so will wait a few more days before opening a dispute to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Merimobiles

    Ordered 26 June Informed it had shipped 26 June Couldn't track by 3rd June Sent a message - saying can't track 3rd June Reply back saying post need time to catch up Started tracking 5 June - the day it had actually been picked up Was taken to Beijing International Airport and updated as Waiting for transit airline Space on 7 July No updates since to tracker. Sent a message today to Merrimobiles asking whats going on. This is the first time I have purchased anything from them. Glad I didn;t need the phone in a hurry or would have bought another one by now. My old G300 still plodding on.
  5. Many thanks for that fella - ran the script from USB an zipped Bat file - problem solved 8-)
  6. Just put this on and seems night and day between this and Infusion. Infusion was terrible. Home screen constantly getting stuck, misaligned etc. Netflix refusing to work etc Songpop a jerky mess. That said little nitpicking. After installing this when texting it now underlines everyword in red; regardless of spelling. Installed Swiftkey3 and still the same. Changed dictionary etc etc. Any ideas people? No doubt something simple. Thanks in advance for any replies.