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  1. Its up to you my friend update ROM if u want, if not stay on 4.2.2 version
  2. installed 4.3 gaaps but still not working Edit: wipe data and dalvik after install 4.3 gaaps and solved the problem :)
  3. Anyone having problems updating rom? I get error: Error in /sdcard/name_of_the_zip_file (status 7) instalation aborted Anyone can help me? i cant updtae the rom if i want the last version i need wipe data/cache/dalvik format system and install... this is annoying because i need to configure the phone all the time.:/
  4. This rom is awesome, some features are not working but in overall its very good, and good thing is the constant updates :) Thank you very much for this and keep the good work.
  5. Link for google apps not working :/