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  1. working fine.. with my own custom rom based on cm9
  2. i am not also a good programmer ...maybe i can start.. also i am fun of changing some settings and etc as long as it is stated that we can change Jaizu maybe we can start just pm me so that we can talk more
  3. can someone make a thread for lg custom rom based on cm9? i am willing to help and actually i made some changes... my phone now is running custom cm9 base on what i want..
  5. thanks ... for the info
  6. what theme is this?
  7. ok thanks bro for that impressive instruction., i will install stock rom soon.. i am happy using this cm9 for it is ICS not gingerbread.
  8. same here
  9. cm9 base on sept032012 release download it
  10. the apps that are same sa cm9,, just download the alternative example your gallery if you can not open then try download at google play another gallery right?
  11. im also encountering bugs on this version.. but i installed 3rd parties application in google play, now it works fine for me
  12. wow thank you.. so much i will follow this..
  13. guys. do u have the back up of stock rom?
  14. how can i install this? ive already downloaded the file
  15. guys can u have the stock rom?

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