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  1. Downloaded and installed R4 OTA. Gmail and Google play store crashes as soon as I open them. I will do a fresh install and see what happens. :(
  2. I am talking about this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=finarea.MobileVoip
  3. Thank you very much for such a nice and smooth rom! Still having crash issues with Facebook, MobileVOIP, Westpac bank apps etc. Don't see any 800MHz on the list
  4. CM10 can render indic language complex scripts properly whereas CM9 fails at rendering the complex scripts in facebook, messages and other apps (only web browser renders the scripts correctly). Therefore, is there a way to use CM10's language packs/settings (or whatever it is) in CM9?
  5. Install a file explorer (ES File explorer). Give it root permission. Then browse to the /system/ folder You will see a file named build.prop. Open that file>edit>Save..... Voila Note: If you can't save the file then change file read/write permission from properties before editing (Long press on the file will show you the menu) .......hope this helps.
  6. Can't play any music files copied to the SD card. Erased SD card from settings>storage. Should I try it from the recovery one more time?
  7. I have been using CM10 R2 for the last couple of days. I have found the following problems: The Clock on the status bar doesn't update real time. Mobile VOIP app is not working properly. Westpac bank app is not working. Totem weather clock (Huawei weather widget) doesn't work I am using CPU governor in "Performace" mode.
  8. Hi muniix, These are the bands that allow a stable connection to YES OPTUS 3G network. If I deselect one of them or add one more then I can't connect to YES OPTUS 3G. :)
  9. With the same SIM and a 3G modem I get a fairly strong 3G connection.
  10. I have done a lot of tweaking. Using the following setup I have a stable connection to YES OPTUS 3G network without selecting "Use only 2G networks" but still I am not getting any 3G/H connection. I am still getting a GPRS/EDGE connection. I have learnt my lesson. In future I will think twice before buying a cheap brand.
  11. I have tried differenct combinations of BC-1, BC-8, E-GSM 900, and IMT 2100. Unfortunately nothing worked...
  12. Hmmm, I was using an older build that didn't have UMTS menu. Anyway, I have downloaded build 378 however, I am having a readonly problem... Could anyone tell me how to fix this?
  13. In QPST I don't see any UMTS or any other menu to change the frequency bands. Please help me..
  14. Tried almost all the bands with a TPG (Optus) sim. Unfortunately, nothing works. :(