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  1. OMG I have to read at least twice before I post an answer :) That is cool, but unfortunately I don't have anymore ZTE Skate so I cant do anything more... Actually I can, but I don't know how to check if something is wrong. Yes you can try that kernel... It's the newest as I know IOmega1 - I am sorry man...
  2. There is answer for that on this topic two times ago, you just need to find and read it... But OK here you are ... Just install this file via CWM... http://www.mediafire.com/download/viqa03py5ij8ssi/ChangeSplashScreen.zip If you want another picture just unpack and change it...
  3. Probably you did something wrong while installation process... Than you need to install it again or maybe first try just to do all wipes in Recovery and start all again.
  4. Hello my friend In installation guide is written that this is working only with partition of 1GB... so read it again, you have everything there, and follow the instructions step by step, it's very easy ;)
  5. You need this TPT - 150MB system, 35MB cache and 255MB data
  6. No, there is no need to install Skatie 1.1 at all... If you have right TPT or you know how to set it , then set it like it's written in Installation Guide. But if you don't know how to do that, the simplest way is to first install Skatie Custom ROM 1.1 because Ceco made it that while installation process do it set TPT automatically on values we need. Yes, you are right for the rest
  7. Nimic :) what to say... Thanks man!
  8. Well, thanks for reply, I didn't know that at all. But it is interesting that Skate has Battery sensor
  9. Proximity Sensor is working, and only when you put a finger on sensor then it writes yes etc...
  10. Hello people :) since I made Inovative Creations 3.0 I noticed something very interesting and want to share with you... New Launcher is great and has a very much adjust options and I noticed something very ... strange... if I can say like that... There is an option where you can make a "New Shortcut" and there is built in options "Type" and "target". And when you choose "Activity" for type just go to "target" and you will see that you can choose any activity on phone to set as widget... and there is a lot of them... For example there is activity called Display and you can chose font size of text... incredible! Or Old version of Notes called "User dictionary" So that is good and there is so much activities which you can choose, some of them are very old or removed but still working :) , some are strange and for some of them I didn't know that they actually exist , but I noticed something very strange... Over than one year ago I did some tests on phone and noticed that Zte Skate don't have 3 sensors (Gyroscope, Pressure and Temperature)... But when I opened some Activities and put them on home screen I was surprised when I saw that there is test for pressure level, or there is info for battery temperature!!??? And it's working :blink: So now, I am not sure, just look at screenshots of some activities...
  11. Thanks :) So, finally, link of the Inovative Creations 3.0 posted! Integrated new free launcher from Google Play instead of Ex ADW Launcher... And I am surprised how it works :) Try it! Just for a one hour and then write your impressions here... just to let the others knows how it works... Thanks!
  12. Samo mi pisi na [email protected] i objasnicu ti sve i prosledicu ti najnoviju verziju. Pozzz i sledeci put ovde moras pisati na Engleskom