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  1. It's on internal, apps install there by default on this E3 just like the G300.
  2. Random reference point if anyone's doing a plot of battery performance: Gionee E3 1.2Ghz 6589, 1280x720 screen, 1800mAh battery, plays movies for five hours continuous, H264 640x360 1.0Mb/s ripped for iPod. System Monitor showing 20% cpu usage; with CPU Power Optimiser on the discharge rate while asleep is "up to" 400 hours standby. Downside 1, the screen brightness ain't, for outdoors; Downside 2, it takes 6 hours to recharge.
  3. Looks like Samsung might be OK on G300 but they're not bulletproof, http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/10/24/samsung_kowtows_to_chinese_masters/ Follow the links to a Google memtest app (Warning - probably only for Samsung phones) also xda dev Yeah, sure that's last year's olds, but the problems look much the same
  4. Note on parcels containing batteries from Pandawill
  5. SJSM00M 02/2012 Purchased as a parallel import in New Zealand, 09/2012. I observe that cm wiki link is talking about exclusively Samsung chips. What's our source for fingering Hynix?
  6. Bumping an ancient thread ... I like this TotemWeatherfrom the G300. Now I've got a Gionee E3 running JB, and I've slurped the TotemWeather.apk from my G300. And the reason I like this is it shows the actual time in each location without needing that set in settings, and it follows my system language totally, automagically, including the locale units (metric/imperial). It installs and runs as an app, but could someone please explain why the widget does not? Any estimate of the triviality of hacking it to work?
  7. Wot, no Gionee? I've got a Gionee E3 and the guys over at xda-dev are beavering away at roms for this. Start at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=44455806 I can post a review of the E3, anything particular you guys would like to know about it?
  8. Pulling the battery and leaving it out overnight can sometimes work miracles. OTOH pulling the battery while the phone is running is a fairly sure way to scramble the rom, and according to the literature a fairly sure way to fry flash memory chips. I've always been surprised how well my G300 battery stayed in while I turned it over with the back off. Might be time to put it all back together neatly in the box and try for a return. If the memory chip is fried your typical servicedroid can't tell what caused it.
  9. You might have a problem, depends on how your carrier uses UMTS 900. Here in New Zealand Vodaphone have WCDMA 2100 in the towns and cities, and for wider coverage out in the country they use WCDMA 900, so a Haier W910 would work fine in town but data at only 2G speeds if I go out in the country. I've looked around the web and there are many people asking, but no useful answers, How can you tell what frequency band your phone is actually using right now?
  10. Well it's knee-capped now :angry: I managed to use the Settings -> Update method to reflash the factory rom, and it still phones, txts, data service, apps OK, no Google trouble, no Google, because IMEI is 0, serial nr is different, and wifi MAC keeps changing at every reboot :blink: Yer, I didn't think I'd need IMEI backup for a Huawei provided system reload, and the 5irom folder I had from wayback seems to have vaporized :ph34r: FWIW the partition 5 with the IMEI and a load of other "firm" info are saved to /data/oeminfo_ap.log with a lot of padding FFFF and 0000 stripped. There's very little actual data, I've had a look with a binary/octal/decimal/hex widget but I can't make any sense of it... Looks like I'll be joining the Chinaphone thread near here ..
  11. I'm using stock B926, rooted. I've got Settings -> Accounts & Sync, sync turned OFF (toggled it too Mobile Data OFF, Wifi OFF, Background data OFF, and the Sync icon on the top bar stays on. Battery uses 40% overnight when everything is (s'posed to be) asleep. Now I've been using Google Play Store, Maps, gmail happily for a while with settings as above, and very good battery life, no Sync icon. I'm stupid. I started to tinker with some options to reduce the cache filling with cruft. I got to a stage where somehow both Data and Cache got erased, then TWRP refused to restore the Data. No sweat, all my "stuff" is on the external sdcard which is always out of the phone if I'm fiddling about. But I had to manually reinstall my apps. Problem, Huawei Backup doesn't backup com.google.services.framework. Second problem, I seem to have collected too many versions of Google_Play_Store.apk, com.android.vending.apk, and GoogleServicesFramework.apk, and I can't remember which I was using. So i'm trying the combinations, and using RU root uninstaller, erase cache, and reboot between each, and after each reboot the sync icon stays away, until I turn on Wifi or 3G-data, then it's there, and reboot is the only way to get rid of it. Another clue, during startup I get a warning msg that "Unfortunately Gallery has stopped", that I never used to get. Looks like I need a total wipe, and reinstall from the factory rom. But does anybody know the minimum versions of Google Play Store (or vending, or com.android.vending) and Google Services Framework that work with ICS 4.0.3 ??
  12. Others have noticed this too. Most of the Antutu numbers shown here are way below the 10% boost I'd be looking for to make me install it. What Antutu is not good at is measuring "teh snappy", the feel of the touch+app response under your fingers, which is highly subjective. So if it works for you, good luck :D DJPRMF's first posting has an Antutu screenshot showing ~10% boost after 2 month usage. The cronned cache cleaning will be in my guess a big contributor to that. I'm running the stock B926 rom, and wondering if I should be bothered fixing the E: image verification failed that stops me flashing random zips, or if I should just splash out on a shinier phone ...
  13. /data and /system are full

    Is the phone giving you error messages like "Running out of memory"? or apps going slow or crashing? I'm running a stock rom and df gives me the same as you except /system 372M 335M 36M 4096 /data 755M 620M 135M 4096 I have all my downloaded apps on a 32G sdcard with my music, maps, etc I find I have to reboot once or twice a month to clear cruft and sluggishness The last line in your listing shows an app putting data in /mnt/asec/ I have the same second data line as yours, ie /mnt/asec 193M 0K 193M 4096 but I have 27 apps with entries like your last line, totalling 280M 228M 29M 512 Go figure...
  14. Original name: mushroom (as a noun), or dawdle (as a verb) Aah, that Chinese sense of humor again ...
  15. Be advised that Huawei G520 and G700 are available in both TD-S and W CDMA versions. Caveat Emptor :ph34r: