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  1. NEED HELP!!!

    Hi, I just got a Galaxy Mini off ebay, rooted it, cwm it etc, just accidentally installed this file : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1679563 on it and now the phone is dad, wont turn on etc. Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated!!!
  2. Ok thanks. I think it's ok, I sprayed it with a lot of air duster stuff (one of those cans you get from poundland) seems ok for the moment.
  3. All roms - but I can't return the phone now it has been hacked can I?
  4. Hi - don't suppose anyone knows how to fix a screen issue with the G300? It has moments where its unresponsive to my touch, and instead decides to detect input on its own and controls the phone on its own. The buttons at the bottom dont work either. The only way to restore functionality is to whack it pretty hard! Any ideas? Ive cleaned the screen of residue etc, but still no fix
  5. Ok thanks - looking forward to hopefully seeing a JB release soon!
  6. Ah right ok thanks. I chose Infusion in the end. How can I access the settings menu in it - I can't find it anywhere?
  7. Thanks for all the help! So whats so good about infusion over Stock ICS Then?
  8. Thanks - I got back to B944 but I might give Infusion a go - looks good. Any way of being notified when JB gets released for G300?
  9. Ok thanks. I need to get back to ICS from Jellybean then. How do I go about this? It seems I can only flash via CWM as installing via Volume up and Down etc doesnt work, I get a blank screen with a bar, and always the bar will move and get stuck, resulting in me removing the power and rebooting.
  10. Thanks - any idea if the new one will work fully? Do you have a link to the latest ICS build for g300 please? Cheers
  11. Hi I have just installed Jelly Bean successfully on my G300! Thanks very much - it works great! Just a few niggles, I can't get the camera or FM radio to work, no apk's or anything that I can find. Can anyone help? Cheers Oh and the bluetooth won't start too - any ideas?