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  1. when dazzozo releases 3.4 kernel cand you make a flashable zip please in order to add it to your rom?:D 10x
  2. caller id lag

    have you tried to replace the stock dialer app and see what happens?
  3. [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    settings--applications---fast boot
  4. [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    nice! in the v2 i recommend quickpic gallery instead of the standard one...loads much faster...and lg camera! best settings!
  5. for that you have to modify in build.prop ro.config.ringtone_vol_adjust=true to ro.config.ringtone_vol_adjust=false and then save!
  6. Best ROM?

    how do i solve the low calling sound volume problem? edited: i solved it! best rom indeed if you make minor changes
  7. i installed the latest nightly one day ago but i did not had any problems like call volume, echo or something else....best for me!
  8. unlock issue

    i had to force update my phone to official 952 to obtain another product id...now i am waiting for the unlock code from huawei,do you know how much i have to wait for it?
  9. hi, i am on lighting rom(based on 952), and after i enter the imei/sn and product id on huawei unlock bootloader site it shows me an error about incorrect data, i double checked everything and still the same problem.what you recommend? 10x
  10. Boot Loop

    try to flash b9xx version...
  11. hi, i was on b944 stock, only rooted cause i had the reboot problems so i applied this patch and all is working good till now. if i locked the bootloader after installing a custom rom and if i want to unlock to flash another patch i just only have to use the bootloaderg300.exe and thats all?10x
  12. i've rebooted but still the same problem? shoud i look in the boot.ini?. edited: it worked...finally, thanks