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  1. Fastboot for Grand X

    try /mnt/sdcard
  2. Fastboot for Grand X

    i tryed to restore after wipes)) md5sums mismatch...
  3. Fastboot for Grand X

    use touch recovery) here link http://www9.zippysha...79322/file.html p.s. now i backing-up stock rom, and after wipes will try to restore)) restore failed, md5sums mismatch..
  4. Fastboot for Grand X

    ok, custom cwm working, dont know if fully (touch not working, and meybe more thinks, i havent tested)
  5. Stock Rom Zte Grand X on Tegra 2

    if you device is dual-sim, then yes, it is on mediatek cpu
  6. Fastboot for Grand X

    this is for zte u970 (with 1.2Ghz processor, 8mpx camera and 1gb ram), but too is tegra 2.
  7. Fastboot for Grand X

    just now i have verified zte support from UK, and unluckelly, they not provide Downloads for this device((( only russian support have alvaiable downloads for this device( meybe try to unpack only build.prop file from /system folder, open in notepad and change this -> GEN_AP_P943HV1.0.0B10 to this -> GEN_UK_GRANDX1.0.0B02 save and put it back in archive to /system folder (delete old build.prop and paste new)
  8. Fastboot for Grand X

    try this: flash again custom recovery from MIUI boot phone and go to settings - about phone - software update - update from sd-card
  9. Fastboot for Grand X

    try this with adb adb shell su dd if=/sdcard/recovery-from-boot.p of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p1
  10. Fastboot for Grand X

    there are thread with stock rom download it and put to sdcard then turn off the phone and conect to usb cable when phone showing charging battery, open cmd and locate adb files, then type adb reboot recovery then apply update from sdcard and choose file
  11. Fastboot for Grand X

    here Download p.s. this is just rar archive with recovery what i adb pulled from my stock rom. can you provide link to site where you downloaded custom recovery?
  12. Stock Rom Zte Grand X on Tegra 2

    4.0.3 p.s. i have created this thread for peolpes who soft-bricked phones)
  13. Stock Rom Zte Grand X on Tegra 2

    no, it havent italian language, but you can use more locale 2 p.s. flash this rom only in case of bricking phone after unsuccesfull rooting (if got boot-loop or something esle)
  14. ROOT-ed!!!! Confirmed, working for Zte Grand X on Tegra 2.
  15. Stock Rom Zte Grand X on Tegra 2

    2 minutes ago flashed, working! ONLY FOR Devices with Tegra 2 (Zte Grand X with tegra 2)