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  1. i just told them it died on the table,what was true... ;) but my phone was absolutely dead..
  2. i had similar problem (well it could be caused by phones bath in the toilet,but it worked like a charm for a week after drying it) but i couldnt turn phone on at all..the only thing it was "doing",was showing unknown device after connecting to computer..no response to charger,no way to cwm,no way to force update,no way to fastboot.. i ended in the shop where i bought it,where they replaced motherboard..for free ;)
  3. Help! Error rooting

    use middle package before main official update.. put it in sdcard/dload/ as you would do with update.app and run force update i dont remember exactly what happens now,but now you need to put update.app (the big one) in the place on middle package and run force update again
  4. Phone is wet

    pull battery, and leave phone for few days...i dropped my in the toilet, so i have some experience.. ;) i was told to put it in a bowl full of rice, or something able to accumulate humidity...i wouldnt try to turn it on earlier than after 3 days without battery, to be as much sure as possible that there is no water...then with fingers crossed, i would try to turn it on.. btw afaik proximity sensor is not able to glow ;)
  5. If you perform factory reset,there will not remain any installed apps..how it could when it formats /data partition.. Why ppl even bother with rooting,custom roms etc,when they dont have basic knowledge..it just produces stupid questions and even worse replys..
  6. Drag them from app drawer.. ;) or download any 3rd party launcher that has this function
  7. Ota is not buggy if you use correct cwm and check if update was downloaded succesfully (check md5)..there can be some trouble afterwards,but thats just updating rom without wipes,and you know that can cause problems..thats not buggy ota.. ppl wake up..
  8. Did someone try to copy settings.apk from r4 to r3 to enable volume rocker wake?link provided by dazzozo is dead..(i understand it was temporary solution) were there more changes than this from r3 to r4 in that file,so it could harm anything? Some weird reboots started to happen after clean flash of r4..i should mention i have officially unlocked bootloader and that it didnt happen on r3,at least for 4 days i had unlocked bootloader on r3..unfortunatelly i cant find .zip for cwm to get kmsg log,since most of reboots happen far of my pc..
  9. excuse me, but what about trying to search or google all of these questions??or reading whole thread, or better all cm threads??that its 6000+ posts??oups...when you try to read it, you find that at least half of them is useless, usually twenty times answered questions.. "dload base" is the last official update you have done (b926,b937 etc...) sb, i think tillaz, has extracted rils from several official updates and made flashable zips with them, there was a thread with them... and about sim cards, i have no idea, i remember one user reporting, that changing his cca 2years old simcard for new solved some problems, but its long time ago, so i dont remember if it was random reboots or signal lost...
  10. PWell,so i brought phone to vodafone where i got it,they sent it to authorised service center(there is only one in my country,lol),where they replaced faulty motherboard for free(=warranty repair, so can i assume that no water marks were found inside or i had just epic luck?;)) Funny thing came on scene when i brought "repaired" phone home and connected it to pc..it was only charging,no data connection at all..then another shop visit,travel to service center where they changed usb connector.. since then everything is ok..
  11. Well,can sb explain me,how could just slower net connection stop me from using cm,since with 2g only,there are no reboots(confirmed) and lesser battery drain(i cant compare,but it should be truth)?what are the needs for 3g?2sec faster loading web page?faster download speeds?ppl cmon ;) i believe that exchanging some net speed for cm is good deal,isnt it?i find this much better solution than hassling with bootloaders,basebands and all other more or less working options presented here on modaco,until dazzozo finds a way to unlock it "officially"..i believe he will manage it,somehow with his dark magic skills,they are awesome ;)
  12. G300 does not boot.

    The only thing that comes to my mind is to try middle package..
  13. if it happens when returning to homescreen, then it should be launcher ;) it can be killed like any other app, when system needs ram and starting it again can take some time..
  14. Asigning my own ring tone

    have you tried settings->developer options->lauch tools->media provider->scan sd card??give it a while, then restart apollo..other option is to reboot phone, since media scanner runs at each startup (correct me if i am wrong ;) )
  15. Thx for your time.. That accident was week ago,phone was running like a charm for 5 days after drying,i think i mentioned it.. ;) There are two things i can only think about..if i return phone,will they know i sunk it?what i can see,no marks of water,even that small white square on battery still seems like it was..and,since i am unable to turn on phone in any way,that means unable to change anything software related,will "they" manage to know i rooted,unlocked bootloader etc?;)