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  1. Wouldn't hurt..would be a cool feature for us to play with :)
  2. Hey Paul, I went back to 4.2.1 stock on my Galaxy Nexus, and Bluetooth seems to be dropping now too, so it isn't just your ROM, i am going to revert back to 4.2.0 and see if the issue still occurs, hopefully they didnt break bluetooth in 4.2.1
  3. running Galaxy Nexus, bluetooth seems to be broken, no matter what device i connect to, it disconnects a short time later, went back to stock 4.2.1 and I no longer have bluetooth issues, thoughts?
  4. Android 4.2 - are you finding it buggy?

    my bluetooth is breaking quite a bit (running Modaco 4.2) on my Gnex
  5. dude you are on fire!! keep up the good work
  6. what is the issue, big enough issue to hold of from flashing?
  7. no worries man, this ROM is worth the wait :)